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Google trends with 200,000+ searches
Pat Summerall
CNN: Pat Summerall, legendary NFL announcer, dies at 82
NYTimes: Pat Summerall, star kicker wtih Giants and a calm voice, dies at 82
USAToday: Pat Summerall, called a 'broadcasting giant,' has died: An NFL player who became better known as a network NFL announcer

CNN: Envelope tests positive for ricin at Washington mail facility
CNN: Who is Roger Wicker?
NYTimes: Letter mailed to Mississippi senator Roger Wicker tests positive for ricin

Google trends at 100,000+ but <200,000
Krystle Campbell
BostonGlobe: Krystle Campbell remembered as ever reliable
▪ ABCNews: Video: Boston Marathon fatalies include a boy, a woman and a BU grad student
NPR: Boston bomb victim: Krystle Campbell was 'caring... loving,' 'daddy's little girl'

Girls Love Beyonce
RollingStone: Drake notices 'Girls Love Beyonce:' Rapper borrows 'Say My Name' hook on new song
NYDailyNews: Drake releases 'Girls Love Beyonce' featuring hook from Destiny's Child hit 'Say My Name'

Friends (reunion rumors)
HuffPost: 'Friends' reunion rumors cause internet frenzy

Boston Marathon bombings
CNN: New details, new questions in Boston: Latest info on marathon bombs
NYTimes: Surgeons saved lives, if not legs, after Boston blasts
MSNBC: 'Adorable' boy, 8, mourned after Boston Marathon blasts
NSNBC: Marathon spectator in iconic photo loses both legs
ABCNews: Photo/video: Remains of Boston Marathon backpack bomb
More Boston Marathon bombings
FOXNews: Boston attack underscores growing threat of IEDs in America
FOXNews: 'Family Guy' episode referring to deaths at Boston Marathon pulled; no plans to reair

Bird flu
CNN: 4-year-old bird flu 'carrier' worries China
ABCNews: Video: Bird flu a 'truly nasty virus'

North Korea
NSNBC: North Korea vows 'sledge-hammer blows' of retailiation over protests in South

Iran-Pakistani earthquake
CNN: 34 killed in 7.5-7.8 earthquake on Iran-Pakistani border
MSNBC: What caused latest deadly earthquake in Iran?

Thinking news
NYTimes: Florida teachers sue over evaluation system
MSNBC: NASA's Mars-bound mega rocket ahead of schedule, on budget
NSNBC: Americans sticking with cheaper store brands, survey finds
ABCNews: Woman pregnant after uterus transplant
ABCNews: Daughter to undergo transplant of mom's womb (Link unavailable)

Reuters: PSA test leads to further problems, study finds
LiveScience: Left-handedness stumps science

Workplace news
FoxNews: Man quits job by making a spectacular resignation cake

MSNBC: Gold bounces back, but cause of sell-off unknown
NYDailyNews: Newtown shooter Adam Lanza taunted and beaten by fellow students when he  attended Sandy Hook Elementary School, relative reveals

Weird news
CNN: With fake name revealed, top rabbi faces heat

Other news
CNN: Stocks rebound from year's worst sell-off
CNN: American Airlines grounds flights nationwide due to glitch
AP: Hundreds of pigs, dogs found dead in China suspected to be related to nearby factories
AP: Motion Pictures Association changing its rating system to include more information on violence
AP: Gospel singer George Beverly Shea dead at 104; sang at Graham crusades

WashingtonPost: Facebook flexes political muscle with provision in immigation bill

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