Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Trending: Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Published 11:58 a.m. CST

CNN: Stabbing at college in Texas: At least 15 people injured

March Madness
NBCSports: Louisville's triumph over Michigan and the improbable hot hands that lifted everything
USAToday: Spike Albrecht is the surprise NCAA champsionship MVP
Forbes: The marketing method to (March) Madness
WallStreetJournal: Vital signs chart: March Madness ad spending
TheBleacherReport: March Madness 2013: Teams who benefitted most from 2013 tournament

North Korea
CNN: North Korea warns foreigners in the South: Actions called 'clear and direct threat' to U.S. security

McConnell campaign bugged
CNN: FBI asked to probe secret meetings of McConnell discussing Judd
NBCNews: McConnell campaign alleges it was bugged, seeks FBI investigation

Bird flu
CNN: Bird flu crisis claims new victim, as death toll rises to 7
FoxNews: China reports 8th bird flu death (Link unavailable)
ABCNews: Vietnam confirms 1st H5N1 bird flu death in a year (Link unavailable)
ABCNews: H7N9 bird flu update: 21 infected, 6 dead

Other news
CNN: Three dead after earthquake hits Iran, near nuclear site
FoxNNews: Houston pastor Joel Osteen targeted in elaborate internet hoax
NBCNews: JC Penney CEO Ron Johnson out after no-sales strategy flops (Link unavailable)
CBSNews: Blue Angels grounded by budget cuts for rest of 2013
CBSNews: Child shoots, kills Tenn. deputy's wife at weekend cookout

Thinking news
CNN: New research on near-death experience: What happens in the brain
CNN: Job-hopping millenials not so different from their parents
TIME: The trouble lurking on Walmart's empty shelves
FOXNews: Study finds new health worry (carnitine) in red meat (Link unavailable)
CNBCNews: Argggg! American workers are at a breaking point
CBSNews: FDA eyes increase in freak accidents during robotic surgeries

Weird News
▪ ABCNews: Legoland Hotel opens, North America's first
ABCNews: Drunk driver calls 911 on himself
NBCNews: Flight diverted after family complains about movie

TheRegister(UK): Operators look on in horror as Facebook takes mobe users Home
Forbes: Why can't Google make its own version of Facebook Home?
ABCNews: Forget the 'Facebook phone;' give me the Facebook tablet

Cell use while driving
ABCNews: NTSB probes case of texting helocopter pilotABCNews: Drivers know cell use dangerous but drive and phone anyway
ABCNews: California court upholds ticket for phone GPS use while driving

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