Friday, April 26, 2013

Trending: Friday, April 26, 2013

Published 4:14 p.m. CST

▪  CNN: 50 alive under collapsed Bangladesh building 
▪  CNN: Landing gear from jet highjacked on 911 reportedly found in Manhattan
▪  CNN: Country music legend George Jones dies at 81

Google trends with 2M + searches (as of 5 a.m. CST)
NFL draft
▪ Get the latest on winners and losers
▪  NFLNews: Manti Te'o, Matt Barkley fall from NFL draft first round
▪  ESPN: Chiefs make Eric Fisher top pick (ad first)

Google trends with 100,000+ searches (as of 5 a.m. CST)
Rebecca Martinson
▪  E!online: Sorority  Girl Rebecca Martinson resigns after Delta Gamma officials label her email 'unacceptable'
▪  TheHollywoodGossip: Rebecca Martinson, insane sorority girl email writer, resigns over controversy
▪  UKDailyMail: Sorority girl who sent furious rant to fellow sisters resigns from Delta Gamma

Lunar eclipse (Too bad it was yesterday)
▪  UniverseToday: Astrophotographers capture 'mini' lunar eclipse
▪  Wired: Watch live: Half the moon goes dark during partial lunar eclipse

Also happening...
Boston bombing aftermath
▪  CNN: Suspect moved to federal prison; landfill combed for laptop
▪  NBCNews: Source: Bombing suspect showed no fear or remorse during hospital hearing
▪  CNN: Suspects' father delays trip to U.S.

North Korea
▪  CNN: North Korea shuns offer of talks

Bird flu
▪  CNN: New bird flu has spread beyond China (ad first)

New news roundup
▪  ABCNews: Fiery Afghan bus crash kills 30, Taliban blamed
▪  CNN: 38 die in mental hospital fire outside Moscow
▪  NBCNews: 185 killed in clashes between Nigeria military, 'terrorists'

Followup news
▪  CNN: Texas fertilizer plant hadn't told feds about explosive fertilizer
▪  CNN: Midwest begins to see some relief from flooding

Thinking news
▪  NBCNews: Who will make sure newly legal pot is safe (from mold, mites,  pesticides)?
▪  ABCNews: Va. State students mourned; died during initiation
▪  CNN: Millions in U.S. skip doctor visits due to the cost
▪  ABCNews: Smartphones outnumber 'dumbphones' for the first time, report says

Workplace news
▪  NBCNews: Here's what happen when good jobs go away and don't come back
▪  NBCNews: Your boss is more into the job than you are

Pop culture news
▪  CNN: Melissa Gilbert, Timothy Busfield wed

Out-of-the-ordinary news
  TIME: Bush 41 had the best socks
  CNN: Hyundai pulls ad of man attempting to commit suicide with exhaust fumes
▪  ABCNews: (Photos) Rare Liberty Head nickel sold for $3.17M
▪  ABCNews: Kindergartner becomes Mensa member
▪  NBCNews: Woman accidentally swallows $5,000 diamond at charity event

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