Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Published 11:09 a.m. CST

Google hot searches
Kobe Byrant
 CNN: Kobe Bryant on injury: 'The frustration is unbearable'
 LATimes: Lakers in shock  at the loss of Kobe Bryant
ESPN: MRI scheduled to confirm Kobe (achilles?) injury

What else is going on?
LATimes: Imagine a wonderful world where sports balls are replaced with cats

North Korea
ABCNews: If North Korea nukes are fired, Alaska's Fort Greely is last line of defense
FOXNews: Kerry, China agree Korean peninsula must be denuclearized
FOXNews: Pentagon report shows N. Korea capable of arming missile with nuke, officials downplay finding

Bird flu
USAToday: Beijing confirms first case of new bird flu strain
CNN: Beijing girl infected with bird flu; 44 cases now reported
Aljazeera: Newest bird flu strain found in Beijing

TechCrunch: Beyond the Bitcoin bubble
ABCNews: Winklevosses turn up in Bitcoin turmoil

Thinking news
ABCNews: The second cooing: Raising passenger pigeons from the dead
NewYorkTimes (Opinion): Will synthetic biology benefit or threaten wild things?

Weird news
 CBSNews: Ohio police chief says he ate cake laced with pot
 FOXNews: Largest gathering of offensive hackers converges on Miami
USNews: New Mexico mom charged with child abuse after bobcat attack
 NBCNews: McDonald's executive says 'service is broken'
 NPR: 'Oh yeah!' Kool-Aid man is getting a makeover

Other news
ABCNews: Strong quake in Japan leaves 23 people injured CNN: Prosecutor: Chief leaves gun; teem commits suicide
AJC: Workers at Philly abortion clinic saw few options
FOXNews: Sprawling new NSA data ('spy') center has critics asking: Whose data? (Link unavailable)
▪ LiveSciences: 'Dark lightning' sparks call for more Earth-gazing satellites
USAToday: Owner of world's largest yacht a mystery

CBSNews: FDA cracks down on compounding pharmacies

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