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Update published 2:07 p.m. CST
CNN: Florida sues BP, Halliburton over 2010 oil spill

Published 10:35 a.m. CST

Following yesterday's all-day coverage of the pursuit and capture of the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect, this morning's list of top Google searches is dominated by media outlets in the following order: FOX News (1M+), Boston Globe (500,000+), MSNBC (500,000+) NBC News (500,000+), Reddit (200,000+), CBS News (100,000+) (100,000+), (NPR 100,000+). This is quite different than users' order of preference on the day after the bombings (see Trendilla for April 16, 2013). On that day, neither FOX nor CBS did appeared, and CNN (which does not appear today), dominated. Speculation: FOX was first as (found by Trendilla yesterday) to report suspect-capture activity, so perhaps a carry-over effect remained).

Otherwise, here's what's happening with top topical searches.

200,000+ Google searches
USNews: CISPA supporters spend 140 times as much money lobbying as opponents▪ HuffPost: Anonymous calls for internet blackout on April 22 to protest CISPA
TheEconomist: From SOPA to CISPA

Boston police scanner (Note: All activity is from previous day/April 19, 2013)
ABCNews: Boston suspect on run could have suicide vest, trigger: Police scanner
TuneIN: Boston police, fire and EMS scanner
USNewsNBCNews: Tweeting police chatter creates confusion over Boston suspect

100,000+ Google searches
Jeff Bauman
NewYorkPost: Victim ID'd the bomber
Syracuse.Com: Boston Marathon bombing victim Jeff Bauman's description helped officials zero in on supsect
FOXNews: JeffBauman: The man who  ID'd one of the Boston bombers

LATimes: 'Oblivion:' Sci-fi pastiche doesn't come together, reviews say
CNN: 'Oblivion' aims for the moon, falls short
RottenTomatoes: 58%/68%

What else is going on...
Bombings aftermath
 FOXNews: 'We got him!' But now authorities want answers in Boston Marathon bombing
CBSNews: Boston bombings suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev bled for hours from neck, leg wounds, "might not have lived" if not found (ad first)
ABCNews: Boston bomb suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev clings to life
CNN: In the end, bombing suspect done in by flapping tarp
CNN: FBI agents interviewed bombing suspect in 2011
CNN: MIT cop shot to death in squad car

More bombings aftermath...
NBCNews: Uncle: Mentors 'radicalized' older Boston bombing suspect
NBCNews: Family of slain bombing supsect's widow: 'Our hearts are sickened'
NBCNews: Parents of Boston Marathon bombing suspects say their children were framed (Link unavailable)
CNN: Hey, tweeters: Chechens not Czechs
NBCNews: What's next: The interrogation of Boston bombing supsect: Suspect and dozen victims in same hospital
China earthquake
CNN: Quake kills more than 100 in southwestern China
▪ IGN: Quake kills more than 150, injures about 5,500 in China

Texas explosion
NBCNews: Investigators: Texas plant explosion death toll raised to 14
CBSNews: Video: Majority of deaths in West, Texas explosion were first responders (ad first)

Bird flu
▪ NBCNews: New bird flu spread quietly, study suggests
FOXNews: Data show China bird flu mutated 'under the radar'

Gun control
FOXNews: Obama taking executive action on guns after Senate vote

Pop culture news
CNN: 'Big Bang Theory' repeat beats 'American Idol'
▪ FOXNews: Lil Bub, from stray cat to movie starCBSNews: NBC pulls 'Hannibal' episode in wake of Boston bombings
USAToday: Tight security for Denver marijuana celebration

Mystery news
CNN: Mysterious structure found at bottom of ancient lake

Thinking news
▪ FOXNews: How a USB drive could destroy your business
CBSNews: Hubble telescope takes stunning new nebula photo for 23rd birthdayCBSNews: Why stocks tied to consumers are (too) hot

Other news
NBCNews: USAToday founder Neuharth dies in Florida at 89

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