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Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev
WashingtonPost: Boston locked down after massive manhunt; one bombing supsect killed by police, other at-large
TheAtlantic: Who is Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the man at the center of the Boston manhunt?
CNN: Bomb supsect dead, manhunt for 2nd: Boston suspects ID'd as brothers
CNN: Amateur video may show shootout in Watertown (ad first)

More Dzhokhar/Boston bomings...
▪ BusinessInsider: Father of bombing suspect says son is accomplished medical student and 'a true angel'
ABCNews: Dogs comfort Bostonians after bombings

Texas explosion
CNN: Death toll unclear in Texas blast
▪ ABCNews: Residents honor lost, but Texas blast toll unknown
NBCNews: Texas fertilizer plant also stored explosive chemical used in Oklahoma City bomb
NBCNews: Fertilizer plant was pillar of community (Link unavailable)
▪ NBCNews: What makes a fertilizer fire so volatile?
Thinking news
CNN: Three new planets could host life
CNN: Bitcoin bubble re-inflates
 NBCNews: Elvis impersonator charged with threatening Obama in ricin case; family urged mental help
▪ NBCNews: Food poisoning on rise in US, survey finds
▪ NBCNews: Dove ad highlights women's distorted self-image

More thinking news...
▪ NBCNews: Scientists puzzle over how bat brains and rat brains build mental maps
CNBC: Cuddly dogs help de-stress LAX fliers
FOXNews: Exercise, diet may keep sleep apnea from worsening
LiveScience: Volcano under Yellowstone bigger than previously thought

Other news
CNN: Video: Quake victims fill Pakastani hospitals
ABCNews: Honda recalls nearly 205K vehicles to fix shifters (Link not available)
▪ ABCNews: Google says 'may not resell' in Google Glass user agreement
FOXNews: Powerful 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes north of JapanFOXNews: Many bird flu patients had no contact with poultry, WHO says

Followup news
NBCNews: Dozens of patients of Oklahoma dentist test positive for hepatitis

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