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CNN: Envelope that tested positive for deadly poison ricin intercepted at the U.S. Capitol's off site mail facility (headline only) (Updated 5:33 p.m. CST)

Similar story from 2004
CNN: Early tests show deadly ricin in Senate mailroom
PBS: Investigation  seeks source of ricin sent to Senate

Published 6:39 a.m. CST

In the wake of yesterday's tragedy at the Boston marathon, the most popular searches are for the major news sources in the following order: CNN, MSNBC and ABC News, all with 200,000+ searches. New York Times and Ny Times each have more than 100,000+, so collectively, that publication also tops 200,000. At this point, cultural topics appear with a sports story (Elena Delle Donne), picking up with Yahoo News, then Pray for Boston, and BBC. Interestingly, CBS News and FOX News do not appear among top search terms. At this point, no one has claimed responsibility for the bombings, and published reports have not suspeculated with regard to who planted the devices.

Pray for Boston + What happened in Boston (100,000+ each)
CNN: Hunt is on for Boston bomber: Home searched in nearby town
CNN: Some Boston victims fight for life: Many facing amputations: Terror at Boston Marathon: 3 dead, 144 wounded as witnesses describe horror
CNN: Obama doesn't say 'terror'
CNN: World markets slump after attack

More Boston...
NBCNews: Boston on high alert after marathon bombing  kills 3, injures scores (Link not available)
NBCNews: Timeline: Tragedy at the Boston marathon: What happened when (LInk unavailable)
▪ NBCNews: 'I just have to get over the finish line:' Runner speeds past bomb to complete marathon
NBCNews: The man in the hat at Boston Marathon finish line: Carlos Arrendondo didn't set out to be a hero
NBCNews: Good Samaritans take in Boston marathoners: 'You're not in it alone'
More Boston...
YahooNews: Doctor running in marathon tended to 'piles of victims' NPR: (Photos) Two explosions reported at the Boston Marathon finish line
ABCNews: Boston Marathoner knocked down by explosion thought it was his 'last trip'
NYTimes: Boston seeks answers in deadly blast
NYTimes: War zone at mile 26: 'So many people with legs'

Elena Delle Donne
Newsday: Griner, Delle Donne, Diggins lead WNBA draft class
ABC: University of Delaware's Elena Delle Donne selected 2nd in WNBA draft

Gold price
CNN: Gold plunges to two-year low
ABCNews: Biggest gold sell-off in 30 years (ad first)

Anne Frank
CNN: Anne Frank House still a Bieber fan

North Korea
CNN: North Korea: 'We won't give a warning'
ABCNews: NKorea wants apology

Other news
▪ ABCNews: Zendaya earns first 10s on 'DWTS'
NYTimes: U.S. engaged in torture after 9/11, non partisan review concludes

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