Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Today's headlines
CNN: Report: TSA employee misconduct up 26% in 3 years

National Senior Games
NBCNews: Pickleball, anyone? Senior athletes play new games and old

Bad ideas in the news
FoxNews: Return of the mammoth? Dolly scientist says beast should be cloned

Lottery news
ABCNews: What everyone who wants to win the lottery should know

TGI Friday's
ABCNews: TGI Fridays fined $500K for cheap booze

Distracted driving
CBS: N.J. bus driver to be charged for infant's death
USAToday: Spanish train crash driver IDs caller

Facebook news
ABCNews: Facebook stock trades above IPO price

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 searches
Eileen Brennan
See Trendilla from yesterday (Tuesday, July 31, 2013)

Bradley Manning
CNN: What's next for Bradley Manning? Prison time could add up for convicted leaker

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 searches
Brian Wilson (not the Beach Boy)
LATimes: Ex-Giants closer Brian Wilson signs contract with the Dodgers

Sydney Leathers
NYDailyNews: Sydney Leathers trashes Anthony Weiner on 'Howard Stern Show'

Mackenzie Rosman
IMDb: Mackenzie Rosman

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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Today's headlines
Bradley Manning
CNN: Bradley Manning acquitted of aiding the enemy but guilty of espionage violations
NBCNews: Manning acquitted of aiding enemy but convicted on other charges
FoxNews: Manning not guilty of aiding the enemy in Wikileaks case, may still face 128 years in prison

Spain train crash
CNN: Driver on phone when Spanish train derailed, court says
NBCNews: Investigators: Driver of Spanish train that crashed was talking on phone

Swiss train crash
CNN: Train driver's body found after crash in Switzerland

Daycare car crash
NBCNews: Multiple injuries after car slams into Kansas City daycare

Penn State scandal
CNN: Judge: 3 ex-Penn State administrators will face trial
NBCNews: 'Tragic day:' Judge orders three former Penn State officials to stand trial

Technology news
CNN: Reports: Next iPhone might read your fingerprints
USAToday: Google's Chromecast makes your TV smarter

Cloning news
NBCNews: Cleared to  race? Cloned quarter horses get victory in federal court

Climate/economy news
NBCNews: New EPA chief: Climate controls will help economy

Bad idea news
CNN: (Video ad first) Arkansas district arms teachers with guns

Health news
NBCNews: Bagged salad cause parasite outbreak, states say
ABCNews: (Video ad first) Camper dies after allergic reaction to treat made with peanut butter
CBSNews: (Video ad first) Health officials: Girl likely got 'brain-eating' amoeba from water park

Housing news
CNN: Home prices keep soaring
NBCNews: Housing market heats up... and it's just getting started

Philanthropy news
NBCNews: Kentucky college lands $250M gift, among biggest ever

Pop culture news
NBCNews: Confirmed kills: A solemn secret for military snipers is becoming a pop-culture hit

Culture-in-the-U.S. news
NPR: Harry Belafonte, Jay Z and intergenerational beef
NBCNews:  Growing copper theft 'like an epidemic' sweeping US
CNN: New York-size sodas get green light from appeals court
NBCNews: Court upholds ruling striking down NYC's ban on large sugary drinks
Outside-the-U.S. news
NBCNews: Russian lawmaker proposes paid days off for menstruating women
NPR: Ireland enacts law providing for abortion, a first

Out-of-the-ordinary news
ABCNews: $36 million in farm subsidies paid to dead people, GAO reports
USAToday: Student left in DEA cell to get $4 million from Justice Department

Obituaries in the news
CNN: Eileen Brennan, who starred in 'Private Benjamin' and other films, dies
CNN: Former MLB player Frank Castillo dies 
CNN: Ecuadoran football player Christian 'Chucho' Benitez dies age 27
USAToday: Ossie Schectman, scorer of NBA's first points, dies

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 1M searches
USAToday: 'Bachelorette' heartbreak: 'What's she going to do?'

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 500,000 but <1M searches
Chucho Benitez
See Obituaries in the news above

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Tropical Storm Flossie
USAToday: Tropical Storm Flossie spins through Hawaii

Monday, July 29, 2013

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Today's headlines
Philadelphia building collapse
CNN: Building collapses in Philadelphia (happened last month also)
NBCNews: Explosion levels South Philadephia home, 8 hurt

Swiss train collision
CNN: 44 injured in Swiss train collision, spokesman says
ABCNews: Police: Several injured in Swiss train collision
USAToday: Trains crash head-on in Switzerland; dozens hurt

Child prostitution arrests
CNN: Scores arrested in child prostitution crackdown
NBCNews: More than 100 teens rescued in weekend sex-trafficking raids, FBI says
FoxNews: FBI rescues more than 100 children, arrests 150 pimps in sex-trafficking raid

Italy bus accident
FoxNews: At least 38 dead after bus drives off high in Italy

Tropical Storm Flossie
NPR: Hawaii starts feeling effects of tropical storm flossie

Jewel heist news
NPR: French  prosecutor: Estimated value of diamond jewelry stolen from Cannes raised to $136 million

Personality trait news
CNN: Night owls are more likely to be jerks, suggest a new study

Energy news
NPR: Massive solar plant a stepping stone for future projects

Health news
NPR: Two-day diets: How mini fasts can help maximize weight loss
NPR: Boys with autism or ADHD more prone to overuse video games

World-of-work news
NPR: Amazon says it will hire more than 5,000 workers in U.S.

Penn State scandal
USAToday: McQueary: Paterno said Penn State would scapegoat him

Culture-in-the-U.S. News
NBCNews: 'It made me feel ashamed:' Poor moms' anguish over diaper costs
NBCNews: Car culture shock: Americans putting brakes on driving
USAToday: (Ad first): States take the wheel on driverless cars

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 trends
Reza Aslan
YahooNews: Why the Fox News scandal is good news for Reza Aslan

Johnny Manziel
LATimes: Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel attends frat parties at UT

Gold Cup final
SportsIllusrated: Three thoughts on the U.S.' Gold Cup final win over Panama

Sunday, July 28, 2013

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Today's headlines
Hudson River boating accident
CNN: Body of best man believed to be found after Hudson River crash
NBCNews: Second body found after Hudson River wedding party boat crash

Church bus crash
CNN: 3 dead after bus carrying teens crashes in Indianapolis
FoxNews: Young pastor, pregnant wife among dead in Indianpolis bus crash

North Carolina flooding
CNN: Flooding in North Carolina kills 2
ABCNews:  2 found dead in rain-swollen North Carolina creek

Spain train crash
NBCNews: Houston women injured in Spanish train crash dies

Sequester news
NBCNews: Ahead of budget battle, more Americans say sequester has hurt

Trayvon Martin
CNN: Police: Robbers tell man, 'This is for Trayvon Martin'

Advertising news
CNN: Omnicom, Publicis to form world's largest ad agency

Jewel heist news
CNN: Robber steals $53 million worth of jewels in Cannes, police say
NBCNews: Cannes thief walks off with $53 million in jewels in midday heist
NPR: Cannes jewel heist nets bling worth $53 million

Military death row
CNN: Military death row: More than 50 years and no executions

Wal-Mart news
NBCNews: Washington and big box retailers in high stakes showdown

Greenhouse gas news
NBCNews: 'Runaway greenhouse' easier to trigger on Earth than thought, study says

NBCNews: Egypt bitterly divided after 72 die in clashes

Auto news
NBCNews: Toyota struggles to maintain lead on rival GM

Hot-car deaths
FoxNews: 4-month-old infant dies after being left alone in car in San Diego

Gas prices
ABCNews: US gas prices up 8 cents over past 2 weeks ($3.67/gallon of regular)

World-of-work news
USAToday: 4 in 5 in U.S. face near-poverty, no work
FoxNews: Four in five in US face near-poverty, no work

Culture-in-the-U.S. news
ABCNews: Study finds only 28 percent of millionaires think they're rich
NPR: Newport Folk Festival
FoxNews: Seattle residents, city attorney push to outlaw public pot smoking

Outside-the-U.S. news
NBCNews: Pope Francis draws millions to Rio beach for Mass to cap weeklong trip
NBCNews: Eight suspected militants killed in drone strike on Pakistan's tribal region
NBCNews: 'Homosexual propaganda' law signals latest Russian crackdown

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 2M searches
Kidd Kraddick
CNN: Syndicated radio host Kidd Kraddick dies

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 but less than 2M searches
JJ Cale
CNN: Writer of  his JJ Cale dead at 74, rep says

Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Today's headines
NBCNews: Two American service members killed in IED attack in Afghanistan

Hudson River boat crash
CNN: Boat operator charged in Hudson River crash; engaged couple on board
FoxNews: Driver charged with vehicular manslaughter after Hudson River boat crash

Church bus accident
CNN: 3 dead after bus carrying teens returning from camp crashes in Indianapolis
NBCNews: Three dead after bus from church camp overturns in Indianapolis

Florida shooting deaths
CNN: No explanation for Florida shooting rampage that leaves 7 dead
NBCNews: Seven killed, including gunman, in Florida shootout; 2 hostages rescued
NPR: Gunman, six others, killed in Florida apartment standoff

Health news
CNN: FDA warns one brand of vitamin B supplement contains dangerous steroids

CNN: Death and divisions in Egypt after judge orders Morsy jailed
NBCNews: Dozens dead as Morsi supporters, Egypt security forces clash in Cairo: activists
NPR: Crackdown in Egypt shows shift in military's appoach

North Korea
CNN: Cosmetic change, but no real reform, in North Korea

Soldier looking for dog
CNN: Soldier returns from Afghanistan to learn his beloved dog is gone

Justice news
NBCNews: Woman wins $18.6 million for two-year battle over credit report

Social media news
NBCNews: #MissingThePoint: Companies alienate customers with Twitter bots, scripted responses

Culture-in-the-U.S. news
NPR: How Americans said 'no' to cocaine after years-long addiction
NPR: Tucson food bank helps the needy grow their own food

Outside-the-U.S. news
CNN: A 'birther' movement rises in Venezuela
NBCNews: More than 1,000 detainees escape Libyan prison near Benghazi, officials say
NBCNews: Beijing's ban on 'big & vicious' dogs keeps canines on the run
NPR: More than 1,000 prisoners escape in massive Libyan jailbreak

Out-of-the-ordinary news
CBSNews: Thousands of bees attack Texas couple, kill horses

Obituaries in the news
CNN: Writer of  hits JJ Cale dead at 74, rep says

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 searches
The Wolverine
RottenTomatoes: Tomatometer: 68%; audience: 79%

Alfonso Soriano
USAToday: Alfonso Soriano's return fails to lift Yankees past Rays

Friday, July 26, 2013

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Today's headlines
Hacking/GPS terrorism news
FoxNews: Exclusive: GPS flaw could let terrorists hijack ships, planes

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner
CNN: Amid calls for resignation, embattled San Diego mayor to enter clinic
FoxNews: San Diego mayor ignores calls to resign, plans 2 weeks of 'therapy' instead

CNN: Detroit, the 'used to be' city
CNN: New $444 million hocky arena is still a go in Detroit

World-of-work news
NBCNews: 'Workers Rising challenge:' Politicans try living on minimum wage

Lincoln Memorial
CNN: Vandals splatter Lincoln Memorial with green paint
CBSNews: (Video ad first) Lincoln Memorial vandalized

CNN: Has technology ruined handwriting?

Health news
NBCNews: 'Fat shaming' actually increases risk of becoming or staying obese, study says
NBCNews: LA-area campgrounds shut down after squirrel tests positive for plague
NPR: Cyclo-what? A nasty stomach bug spreads in the Midwest
FoxNews: West Nile Virus kills 3, sickens 31

Environment news
CBSNews: Melting ice forms lake in the North Pole

Ariel Castro
CNN: Ariel Castro agrees to plea deal to avoid death penalty
NPR: 'Life without parole' deal struck for Cleveland kidnapper
Madison Square Garden
CNN: Madison Square Garden gets 10 years to find new location

Southwest jet
CNN: Southwest jet hit runway nose first, investigators say

NBCNews: Morsi investigated for murder as rival rallies take to Egypt's streets

North Korea
NPR: Stamps, jeans, beer: What Americans want from North Korea

Indian school lunch deaths
NPR: Indian school deaths: A village's pain compounded by poverty

Edward Snowden
NBCNews:  Holder: Snowden would not face death penalty if sent home

Boeing Dreamliner
NBCNews: More Dreamliner ills; smoke in one, another grounded

Drone news
NBCNews: Drone gender gap: More women worldwide opposed to strikes than men
FoxNews: St. Louis police chief reportedly wants drones to fight city crime

Outside-the-U.S. news
CNN: Italy police arrest more than 100 people in Mafia crackdown
NBCNews: China silences American-style TV talent shows

Out-of-the-ordinary news
NBCNews: Armed men bust 'Pink Panthers' jewel thief out of Swiss prison
CNN: Canadians paying the coffee forward... by the hundreds
NBCNews: Mysterious hum driving people crazy around the world

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 searches
Spain train crash
See also: Trendilla from yesterday (Thursday, July 25, 2013)
FoxNews: Police detain Spain train crash driver as suspect

Sydney Leathers
CNN: Weiner chat partner Sydney Leathers felt 'manipulated'

Newsday: DJ Khaled proposes to Nicki Minaj with 10 karat ring on MTV

Heidi Klum
EW: Heidi Klum to guest on 'Parks and Recreation'

Thursday, July 25, 2013

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Today's headlines
Spain train
CNN: 80 dead in Spain crash; video catches train's final moments
NBCNews: American among 80 killed in Spanish train crash; driver detained
NPR: 'Scene from hell' at site of Spanish train crash

Cruise ship news
CNN: Luxury cruise ship (Silver Shadow) fails surprise health inspection
NBCNews: Crimes on cruises profoundly under-reported, prompting vow of transparency

Weather news
NBCNews: Brrr! Cold front has many asking, 'What happened to the heat wave?'

Workplace news
NBCNews: Sometimes, the boss is really a psycho
FoxNews: America's worst companies to work for
FoxNews: The most dangerous industry (is healthcare) for workers

Cyberattack news
NBCNews: 5 charged in 'largest hacking and data breach scheme' bust in US

Science news
CNN: Scientists give mice false memories
NBCNews: Taller women more likely to get cancer, large study finds
NBCNews: Some people are born to be klutzy, but there may be a 'cure'

Bindi Irwin
ABCNews: Steve Irwin's daughter Bindi turns 15

Health news
NBCNews: US kids missing out on HPV vaccine, CDC and doctors say
NBCNews: Full moon can mess with your sleep, new study finds
CBSNews: (Video ad first) CDC: Cyclospora parasite behind more than 275 illnesses
USAToday: Are mosquitoes a cause of childhood obesity?

Archaeolog/history news
NBCNews: Fort built by gold-hunting Spanish conquistadors discovered in N.C.
CBSNews: Secret code within WWII POW's letters cracked 70 years later

CIA museum
NBCNews: Amont CIA museum's  prizes, an American love letter on Hitler's stationery

Asiana crash
NPR: Heads roll at TV station that broadcast bogus pilots' names

Insider trading
NPR: Feds charge SAC capital in insider trading case

Seal crash probe
FoxNews: House panel probing chopper crash that killed SEAL Team 6 members

FoxNews: Facebook shares surge 24% in premarket trade

Pop culture
CBNews: George H.W. Bush shaves head for 2-year-old cancer patient
FoxNews: Weiner admits to more online relationships, as new poll shows support falling
CNN: Weiner estimates he sexted three women after resigning
NBCNews: Weiner sexted with up to three more women after resigning from Congress
NBNews: USA! USA! Chevy Impala rated top sedan by consumer mag

Outside-the-U.S. news
NBCNews: Alleged serial rapist found dead in South Africa prison cell hours before trial
CBSNews: (Ad first) Doctors trying to save Indian baby born with (dicephalic paragus twins) two heads 

Obituaries in the news
NPR: Reports: Virginia Johnson, of 'Masters & Johnson' fame, dies 

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 500,000 searches
See yesterday's Trendilla (Wednesday, July 24, 2013)

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 searches but <500,000
Tim Hudson
USAToday: Tim Hudson's wife thanks player who injured her husband

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 searches but <200,000
Gold Cup
LATimes: Who will win the Gold Cup, the U.S. or Panama?

Rosalind Franklin
TIME: Google Doodle celebrates Rosalind Franklin

Nexus 7
NBCNews: Google's new Nexus 7 forces Apple's iPad Mini into a corner