Monday, April 29, 2013

Trending: Monday, April 29, 2013

Published 6:41 a.m. CST

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Headlines this morning...

Ricin mailings
▪  CNN: Small-town intrigue fuels ricin case

Bird flu
▪  ABCNews: Human-to-human transmission now speculated after 4-year-old catches it, possibly from his infected father

Other News
▪  ABCNews: 4 choir members stabbed during New Mexico church service
▪  ABCNews: 5 saved, 2 missing after balloon goes info Pacific
▪  ABCNews: Michigan mother disappears from late-night shift as gas station
▪  NBCNews: Wife accidentally kills husband during gun lesson: Police
▪  NBCNews: Obama to tap NC mayor Anthony Foxx as transportation secretary

Outside the U.S.
▪  CNN: At least 55 hurt in Prague blast believed to be gas explosion
▪  CNN: Greece to cut 15,000 jobs for bailout
▪  ABCNews: Syrian premier escapes bomb attack
▪  CNN: Spain arrests suspect in massive cyberattack
▪  ABCNews: Pyongyang glitters, but rest of NKorea in dark

Outside the U.S. continued
▪  ABCNews: 2 dead, 8 missing after freighter sinks off Greece
▪  CBSNews: Car bombs in Iraq kill 26, wound dozens

Corporate world news
▪  ABCNews: Bayer to pay $1.1B for Conceptus (maker of Essure)
▪  NBCNews: Loans borrowed against pensions squeeze retirees

Unintended consequences news
▪  NBCNews: Lesbian says being outed in mom's obituary led to being fired

Thinking news
▪  FoxNews: Marine biologists investigating cause of sick sea lion pups
▪  USAToday: Black voter turnout rate passes that of whites

Pop culture news
▪  CBSNews: Michael Jordan gets married

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