Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trending: Thursday, April 18, 2013

Published 7:27 a.m. CST

Google trends with 1M+ searches
West, Texas
 CNN: 'Like a nuclear bomb:' Deadly fertilizer plant blast kills 5 to 15 people in Texas town
ABCNews: Texas fertilizer  plant explosion sends 180 to hospitals, levels homes, 5 to 15 feared dead
NBCNews: 'Devastating' explosion rocks Texas town (Link unavailable)
 NBCNews: 'Whole street is gone:' Bloodied eyewitnesses describe blast horror
NBCNews: Amateur video shows explosion's devastation (Link unavailable)

More West, Texas
NBCNews: Chemical industry watchdog falls years behind on safety reports for deadly accidents

Google trends with 100,000+ but <1M searches
Gucci Mane
eonline: Hoax alert: Gucci Mane did not insult judge in court

Amanda Bynes
 NYDailyNews: Amanda Bynes slams 'ugly' ex Kid Cudi, says she's 'obsessed' with herself on Twitter
SFChronicle: Perez Hilton urges Amanda Bynes' parents to get her help

Man of Steel
MTV: 'Man of Steel' Trailer: Is Superman finally getting it right?
RollingStone: Video: Superman grows up in 'Man of Steel:' Will open June 14
ABC: 'Man of Steel' celebrates 75 years (Cool pic from 1948)
NPR: With mullet or with monkey, everyone knows Superman

Gun background checks defeat
CNN: New gun background checks rejected: Opponents 'willfully lied,' Obama says
CNN: How the Senate voted on new background checks for firearms sales
ABCNews: Obama scolds Senate for failed gun bill
NBCNews: Obama: Senate background check failure 'shameful' day for Washington; compromise falls 6 votes short

Boston bombing investigation
CNN: Images reveal 2 possible suspects in Boston bombing, official says
ABCNews: Cops have clear image of potential Boston marathon bombing suspect ABCNews: Mystery 'man on the roof' image goes viral
NPR: Video of man leaving bag under review
NBCNews: Boston bombing aftermath: How you can help

Other news
CNN: Test results due in ricin scare: Mississippi man arrested
AP: North Korea sets preconditions for talks restart
NBCNews: Wife of ex-official arrested in slain Texas DA case
CBSNews: Rare pink diamond fetches $36 million at auction

Thinking news
NBCNews: Springttime's Lyrid meteor shower beginning to bloom in the night sky
CBSNews: The end is near for Windows XP
FOXNews: Scientists decode DNA of 'living fossil' fish NPR: Separating social media's fact from fiction amid crisis: Twitter as a first draft
NRP: Can acid neutralizers help coral reefs bounce back?

Weird news
CNN: Captain Underpants was most complained-about library book of 2012
NBCNews: Budweiser looking to score big with bowtie cans

Today in history The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906; close to 8.0 on the Richter scale

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