Sunday, April 7, 2013

Trending: Sunday, April 7, 2013

Published 10:40 a.m. CST

C|NET: Facebook Home and the next stage of iPhone vs. Android
TimeTech: More on Facebook Home privacy
Forbes: Zuckerberg goes cuckcoo to test Facebook Home's mobile strategy

Rick Warren
USAToday: Pastor Rick Warren blames son's death on depression
FOXNews: Pastor Rick Warren's son commits suicide
HuffPost: Prayers for Pastor Rick Warren and his family

Final Four
USAToday: Bracket briefing: Controversial calls mar Final Four
SBNation: Louisville vs. Wichita State, 2013 Final Four results; Hancock leads Cardinals to title game, 72-68
USAToday: Kevin Ware cheers from courtside at the Final Four
MSN.FOXSports: Best of Saturday at the Final Four

North Korea
CNN: Seoul believes North Korea may test missile this week
FOXNews: North Korea may be preparing to test missile, South Korea says
FOXNews: Top U.S. general says tensions too high to leave Korea to testify on Capital Hill

Other news
Reuters: Kansas set to enact life starts 'at-fertilization' law
CNN: Philly fire captain dies near anniversary of fire deaths
CNN: 'Final' battery test on 787 Dreamliner 'straightforward,' Boeing says 
NBCNews: Despite chaos, Egypt beaches lure tourists (Link unavailable)
NBCNews: Chicago to pay $55,000 to woman tasered while pregnant

Thinking news
New York Times: If shareholders say 'enough already,' the board may listen
ABCNews: Arming for virtual battle: The dangerous new rules of cyberwar
NBCNews: Poverty in plain sight: Fast-food workers strike, citing low wages: 'It's not enough'
FOXNews: Americans discouraged by economic recovery leave labor force

Weird news
KnoxNews: Man shot with arrow at 'gentleman's club'

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