Monday, April 1, 2013

Trending: April 1, 2013

Boston GLOBE: Facebook seeking even more personal data
Reuters: Youth flock to mobile messaging apps, may be threat to Facebook
TechCrunch: Facebook's Android homescreen could expose Apple's inflexibility
C|Net: Police said to use Facebook to stop punk rock house parties
Salon: Facebook is being used to spread racism

Game of Thrones
Forbes: Game of Thrones: 301 recap: Let the games begin
RollingStone: Premier recap: One giant leap
TheAtlantic: The  Game of Thrones: All talk, and what's wrong with that

Kevin Ware injury photo
CBSSports: Kevin Ware suffers gruesome injury
HuffPost: Kevin Ware leg injury: Louisville guard suffers gruesome broken bone in right leg

Google Nose
HuffPost: Google nose April Fools' Day prank promises `sharpest olfactory experience available'
TechCrunch: What does a ghost smell like? Google Nose
Google: Smelling is believing: Try Google Nose

April Fools pranks 15 Easy April Fools' Day pranks to try at home and at work
C|Net: Google declares end of YouTube in April Fools' prank
MetroUK: What is April Fools' Day? A guide to why we celebrate it

North Korea
CNN: U.S. fighter jets fly to South Korea: South Korea warns of  'strong response' to any attack

Prosecutor killings
CNN: Who is killing prosecutors in Texas?

Weird news
CNN: Car plows through Wal-Mart doors
CNN: An Aussie town fights McDonalds

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