Sunday, April 14, 2013

Trending: Sunday, April 14, 2013

Published 11:45 a.m. CST

Google trends with 100,000+ searches
▪  FOXNews: Keselowski furious with NASCAR after parts confiscated from car
▪  FOXNews: 'Self-inflicted' death at NASCAR race
▪  NBCSports: Police investigate death in infield of NASCAR race
▪  IndyStar: Kyle Busch gets NASCAR weekend sweep at Texas

Also going on...
North Korea
▪  NYTimes: Kerry in China to seek help in Korea crisis
▪  CNN: Kerry in Japan amid heightened Korean tensions
▪  ABCNews: Kerry on Korea: US seeks 'peaceful resolution'

Bird flu
▪  NBCNews: It started with a cough: Deadly China bird flu outbreak raises fears of pandemic
▪  NBCNews: China says bird flu death toll rises to 13

Workplace news
▪  NYTimes: Mentors (for women) are good. Sponsors are better.
▪  USAToday: 10 best-paying cities for women
▪  CNN: The number of Americans getting some type of disability check from the federal government is soaring
▪  NBCNews: Best-educated moms are also more likely to 'opt out,' research finds

Thinking news
▪  NYTimes: In search of slow Lorises
▪  NBCNews: It's true: Men can't read women's emotions, study finds
▪  LiveScience: Clueless guys can't  read women
▪  CBSNews: Quaint San Fran cable cars cost city millions in accidents

Technology news
▪  CIO: Microsoft urges Windows 7 users to uninstall 'Blue Screen of Death' patch
▪  CNN:Think 3-D printing is cool? Try 4-D
Other news (plus weird news)
▪  USWeekly: Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici's relationship after Bachelor: Trouble Already! (video)
▪  ABCNews: New birthing trend: Don't cut the cord (literally)
  NBNews: Poll: Women outpace men in support for stricter gun laws, immigration reform
▪  CBSNews: Digging the Second Avenue subway in New York City

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