Monday, April 22, 2013

Trending: Monday, April 22, 2013

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Reese Witherspoon
CNN: Reese Witherspoon arrested; husband booked on DUI
CBSNews: Reese Witherspoon, husband James Toth arrested
TMZ: Reese Witherspoon arrested: 'You're about to find out who I am!'

What is else is happening...
Earth Day 2013
TimesOfIndia: Google celebrates Earth Day 2013 with animated doodle
WashingtonPost: Earth Day 2013 focuses on climate change
CNN: Hey Earthing, it's Earth Day; time for a quiz
NBCNews: Earth Day founder's 'living' building signals new era of sleek sustainability

Boston bombings aftermath
NYTimes: Suspects seemed set for attacks beyond Boston
CNN: Boston suspect unable to speak
CNN: Docs: Sedation could be lifted briefly
CNN: Coach: Older brother behind this
CNN: Dead Boston bomb suspect posted video of jihadist, analysis shows

More aftermath
NYTimes: Festive and defiant, London runs a marathon for Boston
  NBCNews: Terrorist suspect may have traveled to Russia in 2012 under alias

North Korea
CNN: North Korea diplomacy effort grows, but sides are still far apart

CNN: Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits Mexico
CNN: China quake shears off mountainside; kills 186 people

Other news
NYTimes: Five killed in shooting near Seattle
NYTimes: 2nd suspect arrested in India child rape case
NYTimes: Chinese auto buyers grow hungry for larger cars
▪ NBCNews: Surging rivers near crest, but many Midwestern towns already inundated
NBCNews: New private rocket launches into orbit on maiden voyage

Thinking News
NYTimes: The Media Equation: CNN stumbles in rush to cover manhunt
NYTimes: With tablets, businesses ring up at more fanciful cash registers
NYTimes: Cancer centers racing to map patients' genes

Out-of-the-ordinary news
 NBCNews: Chiropractors adjust elephants, guinea pigs -- even snakes
FOXNews: Doctors warn teens about taking the cinnamon challenge

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