Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Trending: Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Published 6:50 a.m. CST

Nothing trending yet for today

Google trends from yesterday with 1M+ searches
Amanda Berry
NewYorkDailyNews: Cleveland kidnapping victim Amanda Berry reunites with older sister, speaks with father
ABCNews: Kidnap victim Amanda Berry hailed as 'real hero' in rescue of women
CSMonitor: Amanda Berry, two others found in Cleveland: How they escaped
CNN: 'Hoping for miracle:' Will Cleveland probe find 4th missing girl
NPR: Are we laughing with Charles Ramsey?

Google trends from yesterday with at least 200,000 searches but <1M
Farrah Abraham video
FoxNews: Farrah Abraham video crushes Kim Kardashian record
DailyMailUK: Farrah Abraham can't deal with Dr. Phil's tough talk

Jodi Arias
ABCNews: Jurors resume deliberations in Jodi Arias trial
CBSNews: Will the waitress photographer join the other women on Arizona's death row?

Nate Robinson
USAToday: Fearless Nate Robinson is key to Bulls' impressive run
ChicagoTribune: Everyone's talking about Nate Robinson, except him

Stephen Curry
ESPN: Stephen Curry
BleacherReport: Stephen Curry's arrival as star guard validates Golden State Warriors' future

Met Gala
RollingStone: Kanye West debuts new music at Met gala
CBSNews: MetGala 2013: Stars embrace punk theme on the red carpet

Also happening...
CNN: Reports: Internet down in Syria
ABCNews: U.S., Russia  pledge Syria solution

North Korea
CNN: Dennis Rodman asks Kim Jong Un to let U.S. citizen go
TIME: Choco pie withdrawal: North Koreans crave their favorite treat
NPR: Are those North Korean long-range missiles for real?

Thinking news
CNN: U.S. cities with the worst traffic
NPR: Congress considers how to deflate nation's helium reserve
NPR: Our very normal solar system isn't normal anymore

Second chances news
CNN: Mark Sanford overcomes blacklash from extramarital affair wins special election in South Carolina comeback

News outside the U.S.
CNN: 23 dead in Mexico tanker blast
ABCNews: China greets Israeli prime minister in Beijing
ABCNews: UN: Global unemployment rate is rising
NPR: Afghans confront sensitive issue of ethnicity
FoxNews: France confirms first case of new SARS-related virus
NBCNews: Bodies pour in as Nigeria rounds up Islamists
NBCNews: Dozens arrested over $50M diamond heist at Belgian airport

World-of-work news
ABCNews: Dem blames 'political correctness' for Fort Hood 'workplace violance' controversy
ABCNews: Job outlook modestly brighter for new grads
FoxNews: Military sex assault reports rise, Pentagon says

Other news
CNN: Minnesota hiker falls from cliff to his death near Yosemite waterfall
CNN: Michael Jackson defender files sex abuse claim against late pop icon
BleacherReport: J.A. Happ sustains scary head injury after being hit in head by line drive
CNN: Dow closes above 15,000
ABCNews: Tied-up couple to get most of $1M Dorner reward

Other news continued
ABCNews: Vitas, largest for-profit hospice provider in U.S., faces federal charges for Medicare fraud
NBCNews: Delaware to become the 11th state to allow gay marriage
CBSNews: Benghazi 'whistleblowers' head to House committee
CBSNews: 17 Air Force officers stripped of power to launch intercontinental missiles

Thinking news
CNN: Virginia tech students designing robotic jellyfish for possible underwater surveillance use
NBCNews: All Europeans are related if you go back just 1,000 years, scientists say
NBCNews: 78,000 apply to leave Earth forever to live on Mars 
NBCNews: Gun violence in US has fallen dramatically over past 20 years, Justice Dept. report finds

Out-of-the ordinary news
CNN: Nun, two others in federal court for nuclear breach in Oak Ridge, Tenn., Y-12 incident

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