Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trending: Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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May Day
▪  Aljazeera: May Day marked by global workers' protests
▪  ChristianScienceMonitor: May Day protests: From  Bangladesh to Europe, angry workers rally in the tens of thousands
▪  FoxNews: Tens of thousands rally for better conditions on May Day
▪  NBCNews: Instanbul locked down during May Day protests
▪  ABCNews: What holiday means around the world

Also happening...
Boston bombing aftermath
▪  CNN: 3 arrests in Boston bombing
▪  NBCNews: Boston bombing suspect's college friends accused of lying to investigators, feds say

North Korea
▪  CNN: Why is North Korea cooling it? Nuclear war threats fall silent

Bird flu
▪  NBCNews: New bird flu arose as birds mingled, analysis shows

Gun violence news
▪  CNN: 5-year-old Kentucky boy fatally shoots 2-year-old sister
▪  NBCNews: 5-year-old boy accidentially shoots, kills sister

Culture in the U.S. news
▪  CNN: Segregated prom tradition yields to unity
▪  NBCNews: Rapper's controversial Mountain Dew ad pulled
▪  NBCNews: Midnight weddings for gay couples as Colorado law takes effect
▪  NBCNews: US auto sales surge on truck and SUV demand
▪  CBSNews: Netflix loses almost 1,800 titles today

Health news
▪  NBCNews: FDA approves Plan B One-Step for girls 15 and older without prescription
▪  NBCNews: Poll: Many Americans uniformed about health care overhaul; some don't know it's law
▪  NBCNews: Americans eat too much sugar and don't even know it
▪  NBCNews: As home births rise, pediatricians group sets new guidelines
▪  NBCNews: Obama administration simplifies health insurance forms

Health news continued
▪  FoxNews: Antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in ground turkey in 21 states, report finds
▪  FoxNews: Genetic mutation associated with migraines
▪  FoxNews: Female smokers have higher colon cancer risk

Outside the U.S.
▪  CNN: Girl, 4, dies after rape in India
▪  NBCNews: 'A very fragile situation:' Leaks from Japan's wrecked nuke plant raise fears
▪  NBCNews: Chinese officials embrace 'low-key luxury' to dodge corruption crackdown

Thinking news
▪  CNN: Toddler gets new windpipe from her own stem cells
▪  CNN: Forget your gadgets at 'digital detox' camp
▪  CNN: Before the play date: The gun talk
▪  NBCNews: NYC public school swaps chicken nuggets for tofu, becomes first all-vegetarian cafeteria
▪  NBCNews: New drug offers novel approach to taming flu virus

Thinking news continued
▪  NBCNews: World's smallest stop-motion film made with individual atoms
▪  NBCNews: Amusement rides hurt 4,400 kids a year, large study finds

Not-so-fast news
▪  NBCNews: Corsets after pregnancy? It's a thin thing

World-of-work news
▪  CNN: Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer took home a pay package of nearly $6 million for her first year on the job
▪  CNN: 41% of college grads overqualified for what they do
▪  CNN: Top places the world's students want to live and work
▪  NBCNews: Businesses slash jobs as sequester impact hits
▪  AP: Mentally disabled turkey plant workers awarded $240M for years of abuse

World-of-work news continued
▪  NBCNews: Private companies slow their hiring
▪  AP: Worker dies in blender at Oregon meat plant
▪  ABCNews: Pregnant T-Mobile employee clocked-out to use toilet
▪  CBSNews: Cities where Americans earn the most

Obituaries in the news
▪  NBCNews: Deanna Durbin, Depression-era film heroine, singer dead at 91

Historical news
▪  CBSNews: Cannibalism evidence found at Jamestown settlement

Out-of-the ordinary news
▪  CNN: Police: Woman charged over poisoned juice at California Starbucks store
▪  CNN: No, you can't call your baby 'Lucifer:' New Zealand releases list of banned names
▪  CNN: The internet's most dangerous sites
▪  NBCNews: Man sues airline after being accused of not flushing
▪  FoxNews: Twins delivered 87 days apart

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