Sunday, May 5, 2013

Trending: Sunday, May 5, 2013

Published 9:33 a.m. CST

Nothing trending yet for today

Google trends with at least 1M+ searches from yesterday

Mayweather vs. Guerrero
▪  WSJ(blog): Mayweather still king of the ring
▪  USAToday: Mayweather wins easy decision
▪  SBNation: Same old Floyd takes comfortable decision over Guerrero

Google trends with 100,000+ but <1M from yesterday
May the fourth be with you
▪  LATimes: May the fourth be with you: 'Star Wars' writer Simon Kinberg talks spinoff films
▪  CNBC: May the fourth be with you: Perks on Star Wars day
▪  Inquisitr: Happy Star Wars Day! May the fourth be with you

Also happening...
  CNN: Syria: Rocket attack a 'declaration of war' by Israel
▪  ABCNews: (Video) Israeli warplanes strike Syria in escalation (ad first)
▪  NBCNews: Israel strikes Syrian military research center, US official says
▪  FoxNews: Readying a diplomatic and possible military push in Syria, US seeks Russian support yet again
▪  CBSNews: Israeli warplanes continue to pound Damascus

Kentucky Derby
▪  CNN: Orb bides time, wins muddy 139th Kentucky Derby
▪  NBCNews: After long wait, Shug McGaughey gets his Derby dream
▪  NBCNews: Orb comes from behind to win Kentucky Derby

California wildfires
▪  ABCNews: 'Long, hot, incendiary summer;' Early wildfires bode ill for California

North Korea
▪  USAToday: North Korea to dominate South Korean-U.S. summit
▪  ABCNews: NKorea: Detained American Kenneth Bae disguised his identity

Bangladesh building-collapse
▪  NPR: Bangladesh engineer arrested in buidling collapse

Followup news
▪  CNN: Utah referee punched in the face by teen player dies
▪  ABCNews: 7 American services members killed in Afghanistan
▪  ABCNews: Texas plant that blew up had only $1M in liability coverage; some families finally allowed to visit their homes

Other news
▪  CNN: 5 killed when limo catches fire on California bridge
▪  USAToday: Shareholders give Warren Buffett rock star treatment
▪  ABCNews: Low-level eruption at Alaska's Cleveland volcano
▪  FoxNews: Benghazi: Names of 'whistle-blower' witnesses revealed

Health news
▪  CNN: Childhood food, skin allergies on the rise

U.S. Culture news
▪  CNN: Staples starts selling 3-D printers
▪  NBCNews: Harvard professor apologizes for 'stupid' gay remarks
▪  NBCNews: Author Harper Lee sues for 'To Kill a Mockingbird' rights
▪  NBCNews: 2016 presidential race: And we're off
▪  FoxNews: The gender pay gap is a myth

Cross-cultural news
▪  NPR: How different cultures handle personal space

Thinking news
▪  CNN: When your favorite Website dies
▪  ABCNews: Total recall: Mini-camera records all (and perhaps too much)
▪  ABCNews: Can the crow teach us to save our cities?
▪  NBCNews: National parks look beyond boomers to secure future
▪  CBSNews: Sinkholes: The  hole truth; Nearly every state's geology is susceptible

Outside the U.S. news
▪  CNN: UK Parliament deputy speaker: Rape allegations 'completely false'
▪  ABCNews: (Video) Tornado caught on camera in Northern Italy (:30 ad first)
▪  NBCNews: 'Nazi Bride' case highlights rising influence of Germany in far-right movement
▪  NPR: Violence, hardship fuel Central American immigration to U.S.

Out-of-the ordinary news
▪  NBCNews: Man charged with murder accidentally released and sheriff wants him back
▪  NBCNews: Cat that went missing after Hurricane Sandy turns up at home 6 months later
▪  NBCNews: Lawsuit claims Lancome's 24-hour makeup fails Sabbath test
▪  FoxNews: Iowa man bites dog to fend off attack on his wife

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