Thursday, May 2, 2013

Trending: Thursday, May 2, 2013

Published 6:23 a.m. CST

Nothing trending yet for today

Google trends with 500,000+ searches from yesterday

Chris Kelly
FoxNews: Rapper Chris Kelly of the 90s duo Kriss Kross has died at age 34
TMZ: Kris Kross rapper dies; Chris Kelly dead at 34
CNN: Chris Kelly, half of 1990s Kriss Kross rap duo, dead at 34

Google trends with 200,000+ searches but <500,000 from yesterday
Amanda Bynes
USAToday: Amanda Bynes: 'I only have hot friends'
TheHollywoodGossip: Amanda Bynes new Twitter pics

May Day
CNN: Seattle May Day protests turn violent
(See also: May Day links from Trendilla: Wednesday, May 1, 2013)

Google trends with 100,000+ searches but <200,000 from yesterday
Call of Duty Ghosts
TheGuardianUK(blog): Call of Duty: Ghosts... after the leaks, the next generation of shooters emerges
Mashable: 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' coming out Nov. 5
IGN: Call of Duty: Ghosts trailor

747 crash
CNN: Video appears to depict plane crash in Afghanistan
Also happening...
1 World Trade Center
CNN: After weather delay, delivery of top section set for 1 World Trade Center

California wildfires
CNN: California wildfire burns nearly 3,000 acres
NBCNews: Residents evacuate as 3,000-acre wildfire rages

Boston bombing aftermath
CNN: Feds: Buddies covered for suspect
NBCNews: Report: Boston suspect told friends: 'I know how to make a bomb'
NBCNews: Transit officer wounded in Boston shootout: 'MIT cop saved my life'

North Korea
CNN: American gets hard labor (only a headline at this point)
NBCNews: North Korea sentences American to 15 years hard labor

Bird flu
NBCNews: Global health experts consider bird flu a 'serious threat'

Thinking news
CNN: (Video) Watch massive hurricane on Saturn (ad first)
NBCNews: Everything you know about dinosaurs is wrong
NBCNews: Principal fire security guards to hire art teachers... and transforms elementary school
ABCNews: The ins and outs of gut bacteria

Other news
CNN: FAA furloughs over; air traffic controllers are back
CNN: Feds appeal morning-after pill ruling
CNN: Official: Human trafficking probe at Saudi diplomat's U.S. home
CNN: Cubs owner threatens to leave Wrigley field if new stadium plan is denied
NBCNews: 2 passenger jets clip wings at Newark airport, FAA says

Other news continued
NBCNews: 9/11 plane debris hoisted from Manhattan alley
ABCNews: Woman disfigured in lye attack reveals new face (ad first)
CBSNews: Economy to take center stage for Obama's Mexico visit

Changing culture news
CNN: That'll be $1.99 for your airline soda
NBCNews: Millions reall do quit Facebook... and never return
ABCNews: Infidelity dating site Asley Madison uses Mark Sanford in ad
CBSNews: 59% of Americans unhappy about Senate gun vote

Gun violence news
NBCNews: 10-year-old boy among victims as more than 20 shot in one Chicago day

Health news
NBCNews: FDA cautions against antibiotics for heart patients

World-of-work news
NBCNews: Would you get corporate tattoo for raise?
NBCNews: Yahoo's long (8 weeks) paternity leave unrealistic, some dads say

Followup news
CNN: Crowd slowed Aurora shooting rescuers
NBCNews: FBI seeks help identifying three suspects seen at Benghazi mission during attack
ABCNews: Ex-CIA boss David Petraeus takes USC teaching post

Out-of-the ordinary news
ABCNews: Dog gets skin-lift after losing 40 pounds (ad first)

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