Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Trending: Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Published 6:43 a.m. CST

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Emerging news
CNN: 3 women missing for about a decade are found alive in Cleveland home
ABCNews: Three Cleveland women missing almost a decade found alive
FoxNews: Cops arrest 3 brothers after 3 Ohio women missing for a decade found alive

California wildfires
ABCNews: Crews mop up wildfire as rain falls

North Korea
CNN: North Korea withdraws missiles, U.S. officials say

Bangladesh building collapse
CNN: Death toll from Bangladish building collapse climbs over 700
ABCNews: Big retailers reassess practices after Bangladesh building collapse

Boston bombing aftermath
CNN: No graveyard wants deceased Boston bombing suspect

Health news
ABCNews: Migraine drugs while pregnant may decrease baby's IQ
FoxNews: FDA calls for cancer warnings for indoor tanning salons
NBCNews: Sleep problems linked to prostate cancer risk
NBCNews: More US babies die the day they are born than in any industrialized country, report says

U.S. cultural news
CNN: Asian automakers trouncing Detroit in key U.S. market: Hispanics
ABCNews: Growing demand for American-made products coming from Mexico
ABCNews: (Video) 'Seeking Asian Female' film exposes men with 'yellow fever'
NPR: Why a slowdown in health spending in starting to look real
NBCNews: Mom's work is never done, and not it's worth less, too

Other news
CNN: Video of Bagram plane crash legitimate, U.S. official says
NPR: U.S. turns up heat on costly commerical cyber theft in China
NPR: Pentagon: China's government hacked U.S. networks
FoxNews: New Jersey Gov. Christie reportedly underwent stomach surgery to lose weight
NBCNews: South Korea's 'Iron Lady'  Park Geun-hye comes to Washington

Outside the U.S. news
ABCNews: Philippine volcano spews rock, killing 5 climbers
NBCNews: German police arrest 93-year-old suspected of beling Auschwitz guard

Thinking news
ABCNews: Hungry shoppers buy more calories, eat worse all week long, study finds

Irony news
CNN: Officer who served in sexual assault prevention program charged with sexual battery
NPR: Germany's paradox: Family-friendy benefits but few kids

Out-of-the ordinary news
ABCNews: Single mom's lottery mistake wins $14 million
ABCNews: Smuggled dinosaur skeleton returned from U.S. to Mongolia
FoxNews: What does American English sound like to non-native English speakers; fake song captures it with no real words
CBSNews: Bill Clinton tried to get Led Zeppelin back together

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