Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trending: Sunday, May 12, 2013

Published 9:32 a.m. CST

Nothing trending yet at 100,000 searches for today
Google trends from yesterday with at least 200,000 searches
Miami Heat
TMZSports: Lil Wayne to Chicago Bulls: 'Drinks on me!' after Heat smackdown
BleacherReport: Miami Heat rotation players who have come up huge during NBA playoffs
MiamiHerald: Miami Heat's Norris Cole works his way into key role
Google trends from yesterday with at least 100,000 searches but <200,000
Golden State Warriors
SBNation: Golden State Warriors
BleacherReport: Under-the-radar free-agent options for Golden State Warriors to  pursue
MercuryNews: Golden State Warriors: Andrew Bogut quietly having strong series

Mother's Day
USAToday: Swedish NHL players unsure when Mother's Day falls... in Sweden
NPR: A Mother's Day gift that makes you feel better too
USAToday: American moms creating a parenting melting pot
CBSNews: Where not to be a mother in 2013

Also happening...
Boston bombing aftermath
ABCNews: 'Mounting evidence' Boston bombing suspects also involved in 2011 triple murder

Bird flu & MERS
NBCNews: 'A race against time:' US safe from two new viruses... for now
NBCNews: WHO: New SARS-like virus can probaby pass person to person
ABCNews: France probes 3 suspected cases of SARS-like virus

Culture-in-the U.S. news
CNN: Illinois legislature passes bill designed to punish flash-mob crime; governor's signature awaited
NBCNews: Millions hooked on payday loans
NBCNews: Cicadas: 'The shrimp of the land'
ABCNews: Twitter study measures day-to-day happiness
FoxNews: Graffiti photos on Facebook send Utah tagger to jail
USAToday: Will spam calls ever stop?
USAToday: Free things to do in 10 cities
CBSNews: Just the two of us: Childless by choice

Health news
ABCNews: Study raises concerns that administration of labor drug Pitocon (oxytocin) may harm babies
FoxNews: Microwave popcorn and non-stick cookware two biggest sources of chemical linked to cardiovascular disease

Workplace news
USAToday: 8 companies that owe workers a raise

Other news
CNN: 12-year-old brother of 8-year-old California girl arrested in her stabbing death
CNN: 4 dead bodies found shot in Southern Indiana home
CNN: Marines on alert if U.S. personnel evacuate Libya
NPR: Astronauts go on spacewalk to fix amonia leak
NBCNews: 'Slow-motion disaster:' California houses sinking into ground
FoxNews: O.J. Simpson to seek freedom in 'Hail Mary motion'

Followup news
CNN: New Jersey hostage standoff ends after 3 days; 3 children safe
CNN: Giant snails now in Texas
NBCNews: Body found presumed to be missing Kansas toddler Lana Leigh Bailey
ABCNews: (Video) Texas fertilizer explosion EMS worker to plead not guilty to owning explosive device

Outside-the-U.S. news
NBCNews: Sharif declares victory in landmark Pakistan election
ABCNews: Pope Francis gives Catholic church hundreds of new saints
ABCNews: Daily life as bizarre as it gets in South Korea (ad first)

Out-of-the-ordinary news
ABCNews: $188K donation goes to wrong animal shelter

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