Thursday, May 16, 2013

Trending: Thursday, May 16, 2013

Published 9:21 a.m. CST

Nothing trending yet for today

Google trends from yesterday with 1M+ searches
NBCNews: No Powerball winner for third-largest jackpot drawing
USAToday: No Powerball winner; jackpot soars to $475 million
Powerball Home

Google trends from yesterday with at least 200,000 searches but <1M
American Idol
ABCNews: Nicki Minaj leaving 'American Idol'
USAToday: Who won the last round? (ad first)
Billboard: Who came out on top after final performances? (ad first)

Bloomberg: Good news for Joe the plumber
N4G: 14 classic games with Nintendo's green plumber

Google trends from yesterday with at least 100,000 searches but <200,000
Miami Heat
USAToday: Dwyane Wade will play with knee injury for Miami Heat
ESPN: Dwyane Wade, Heat come alive in 4th to eliminate Bulls

Google IO
C|Net: Google I/O 2013 developer blitz: Something for everyone
TechCrunch: Live blog: Live from the Google I/O 2013 keynote
FoxNews: At Google I/O, 2013 event, new new maps, music tools, phones, photo software

RollingStone: Chris Rock fuels Eminem collaboration rumors
Eonline: Eminem was not almost stabbed to death in New York City
NME: Chris Rock to appear on new Eminem album?

Jodi Arias
FoxNews: Jurors in Jodi Arias case find her eligible for death penalty
ABCNews: (Video) Jodi Arias faces second chance to avoid death penality today (ad first)

Also happening
Texas tornado
NBCNews: 'Like hell:' Texas tornadoes kill at least six
CNN: Six dead, 100 hurt in Texas tornadoes
FoxNews: 7 missing after deadly, mile-wide tornado rips through North Texas, killing 6

IRS/Tea Party targeting scandal
CNN: 'Angry' Obama announces IRS leader's ouster after conservatives targeted
NBCNews: Obama calls IRS flap 'inexcusable,' announces resignation of acting IRS chief
FoxNews: In wake of scandal, Obama ousts IRS chief who planned to resign anyway
NPR: Texas tornado leaves 6 dead, dozens hurt, hundreds homeless

Dangerous weather news
CNN: Tropical storm Alvin strengthens in Eastern Pacific
CNN: Alaska volcano spews as 20,000 feet
NBCNews: One million flee as Cyclone Mahasen batters Bangladesh coast
NBCNews: Fast-moving fire burns more than 3,000 acres in Los Padres National Forest in California

CNN: White House releases Benghazi e-mails

Mother's Day shooting
CNN: Suspect held in Mother's Day shooting

Boston bombing aftermath
CNN: Suspect: Boston payback for hits on Muslims

Other news
NBCNews: Source: Suicide attack kills 6 Americans in Afghan capital

Science news
CNN: Planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft in trouble
CNN: Ancient water (maybe 2.64B years old) found in Canadian mine 1.5 miles underground
Time: Scientists report first success in cloning human stem cells
NBCNews: Endangered eats: Food supply under assault as climate heats up
NBCNews: No cellphone, no Wi-Fi: America's quietest place protests world's largest steerable radio telescope

Health news
CNN: 2 Saudi Arabia health care workers sick from new coronavirus nCoV
CNN: Will insurance cover genetic testing?

Grownup news
CNN: 6 hot resorts for adults only

Culture-in-the U.S. news
CBSNews: Lawmakers move to limit domestic drones (ad first)
FoxNews: LGBT student group at San Diego State renames itself  'Queer Student Union'
NBCNews: Is poverty in the U.S. 'too comfortable?'
CNN: Tot steals spotlight at Holder hearing
CNN: (Video) 6-second videos: The future of ads? (Ad first)

Culture-in-the U.S. news
CNN: Weight Watchers' famous faces
CNN: Getting into the military is getting tougher
CNN: Facebook facts: Someone buy Mark Zuckerberg some clothes
CNN: (Video) Man claims he found secret Coca-Cola recipe at estate sale (ad first)

Outside-the-U.S. news
CNN: Pilot training blamed for Bali airliner crash

Out-of-the ordinary news
NBCNews: Smugglers sneak KFC across border from Egypt into Gaza
NBCNews: 'Pink stinks:' Protests greet Berlin's Barbie dreamhouse
NBCNews: Kindergartner helps save father's life by knowing ABC's
ABCNews: Danish teenager makes rare Viking find
ABCNews: Austalian politician knocked down by kangaroo while jogging

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