Saturday, May 4, 2013

Trending: Saturday, May 4, 2013

Published 10:47 a.m. CST

Nothing trending yet for today

Google trends with at least 200,000+ searches from yesterday

Iron Man
▪  NPR: 'Iron Man 3:' Tony Stark as home-brew hero
▪  CNN: Review: 'Iron Man 3' a sweetly calibrated blockbuster
▪  RottenTomatoes: 78% on the Tomatometer(R); 83% liked it

Google trends with at least 100,000 searches but <200,000 from yesterday
Kentucky Derby 2013
▪  CourierJournal: Kentucky Derby 2013: Ankle chip forces Black Onyx to scratch
▪ Kentucky Derby Update - Friday, May 3, 2013
▪  WashingtonPost: Kentucky Derby 2013: Gary Stevens, aboard Oxbow, is racing for long-shot title at age 50

Also happening...
▪  USAToday: 5 Americans killed by roadside bomb in Afghanistan
▪  CNN: 5 U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan
▪  FoxNews: Bodies of 2 American crew members found at Kyrgyzstan crash site

California wildfires
▪  CNN: Fire rages in California even as winds die down
▪  USAToday: Raging California wildfire triples in size

Boston bombing aftermath
▪  CNN: Second autopsy awaits Boston bombing suspect
▪  ABCNews: Female DNA on Boston bomb not suspect's wife: Sources
▪  USAToday: (Video) Funeral home: No one wants to bury bomb suspect (ad first)

▪  CNN: Hundreds die in fighting in Syrian city of Baniyas
▪  CNN: U.S. believes Israel has conducted an airstrike into Syria
▪  FoxNews: Israeli warplanes strike Syrian weapons facility, US official says
▪  FoxNews: Obama says he doesn't foresee ground troops in Syria
▪  ABCNews: (Video) Officials: Israel launches airstrike into Syria (ad first)
▪  NBCNews: Israeli attacks may be related to delivery systems for chemical weapons, U.S. officials tell NBC news

Outside the U.S. news
▪  CNN: Chinese police seize tons of bogus meat; rats sold as beef
▪  ABCNews: Saudis allow some girls' schools to offer sports

Gun violence/2nd Amendment issue news
▪  FoxNews: Washington state man shoots, wounds supsected home intruder

Followup news
▪  CNN: Houston airport shooter left note saying he wanted police to stop him before he hurt others, police say
▪  CNN: Pennsylvania authorities: Cyanide suspected in doctor's death
▪  CNN: (Video) Witherspoon  pays $213 fine as arrest video goes public (ad first)

U.S. Culture news
▪  CNN: Suicides almost double among 50-somethings
▪  NBCNews: Financial strain pushes many veterans to the breaking point
▪  CBSNews: At NRA convention, dueling narratives displayed with guns
▪  NPRBooks: Niffenegger lets fly with adult fairy tale in 'Raven Girl'

Thinking news
▪  CNN: Watch giant explosion on the sun; NASA captures stunning solar images
▪  CNN Allergy bullying: When food is a weapon
▪  FoxNews: Solar plane lands in Arizona on first leg of 'milestone' trip
▪  FoxNews: Meteor shower from Halley's Comet peaks this weekend
▪  NBCNews: Open-source virtual worm worms its way to life
▪  NBCNews: Air Force's X-F1A hypersonic aircraft sets record during its final test

Out-of-the ordinary news
▪  FoxNews: Man apparently electrocuted while climbing Seattle power tower
▪  FoxNews: No crime committed in Colorado student mouth taping, police say
▪  NBCNews: Teacher accused of spiking tots' sippy cups with sleeping pills please no contest
▪  NBCNews: Police: Escaped California mental patient obsessed with Sandy Hook

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