Saturday, May 11, 2013

Trending: Saturday, May 11, 2013

Published 9:30 a.m. CST

Google trends with at least 100,000 searches from yesterday
Kate Upton
▪  DailyBeast: Kate Upton nabs first American Vogue cover
▪  LATimes: Kate Upton lands Vogue cover

Also happening
▪  CNN: New Jersey police: Gunman barricaded in house with three kids

Cleveland, Ohio kidnappings
▪  CNN: At-a-glance: Missing persons in the U.S. (photos)
▪  CNN: DNA test shows captor fathered girl, according to officials

White House evacuation
▪  CNN: West Wing briefly evacuated due to smoke, Secret Service says
▪  ABCNews: West Wing of White House evacuated due to overheated transformer

Boston bombings aftermath
▪  CNN: Source: Russia withheld details about Tsarnaev
▪  CNN: To locals' surprise, Tamerlan Tsarnaev buried in Virginia cemetary
▪  FoxNews: US made 3 requests for bomb info, report says

Bangladesh building collapse
▪  CNN: Woman rescued after 16 days buried in rubble
▪  NBCNews: Water was secret to building-collapse victim's survival

Texas fertilizer plant explosion
  CNN: Criminal probe started into Texas fertilizer plant blast
▪  NBCNews: Fertilizer plant volunteer arrested, criminal probe opened

Culture in the U.S. News
▪  CNN: Following tea party complaints, IRS admits mistakes
▪  CNN: TV shows cancelled; 'Community' reviewed for next season
▪  CNN: Disney tries to trademark 'Day of the Dead' holiday

Followup news
▪  NBCNews: Task force recommends building new school at site of Sandy Hook massacre

Health news
▪  ABCNews: The dreaded colonoscopy and the search for a substitute

Outside-the-U.S. news
▪  NBCNews: Twin blasts rock town on Turkish border with Syria
▪  NBCNews: Pakistani woman defies Taliban to run for president (ad first)
▪  NBCNews: Egyst's Mubarak back in court over murder of protestors in Arab spring
▪  NPR: Genocide conviction in Guatemala is 'huge breakthrough'

World-of-work news
▪  CNN: 11 cities where workers are disappearing
▪  ABCNews: Russell Stover candy workers sue for overtime
▪  ABCNews: Manhunt: Meet the CIA 'sisterhood'  that tracked Bin Laden

Other news
▪  NBCNews: Florida's citrus industry battles potent foe: a disease with no cure
▪  NPR: Frozen Lakes cut into Minnesota fishing tradition
▪  ABCNews: Spire installed on World Trade Center
▪  CBSNews: New Rutgers basketball coach doesn't have degree

Strange way to die news
▪  CNN: Teen athlete found dead in rolled-up gym mat

Thinking news
▪  CNN: Greenhouse gas (CO2) levels hit new peak at key observatory
▪  NBCNews: Doc is universal donor for fecal transplants
▪  NBCNews: Much of England's Atlantis survives beneath the sea; Dunwich was almost as large as London
▪  NBCNews: Moms confess: Husband versus kids, who stresses them out more?
▪  NBCNews: Bernanke: Fed keeping close watch for another financial bubble
▪  NBCNews: Heritage scholar resigns over past criticism of 'low-IQ' Hispanics

Out-of-the-ordinary news
▪  CNN: 7-month-old water skier a viral hit (ad first)
▪  NBCNews: Port Angeles man bulldozes neighbors' property
▪  NPR: Tiny mites spark big battle over imports of French cheese
▪  FoxNews: Alabama man charged with murder after fight over movies
▪  FoxNews: Texas mom accused of delaying treatment of son's bullet wound by researching treatment online

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