Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Trending: Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Published 4:20 p.m. CDT (GMT - 6:00)

Yesterday's Google trends and today's U.S. Twitter trends at bottom

Today's headlines
Weather news

Have vs have-not news

▪ NBCNews: Obama: Income gap threatens our 'way of life'

Obamacare news
▪ NBCNews: 29,000 sign up for insurance on improved site

Violence against teachers news
▪ CNN: Teen pleads not guilty to rape, murder of high school math teacher

Whale news
▪ CNN: 6 whales die, dozens trapped off Florida's Everglades park

Heart transplant news
▪ CNN: Living without a pulse: Engineering a better artificial heart

Outbreak news
▪ NPR: Second meningitis outbreak erupts in Southern California

Smart bra news
▪ CNN: Microsoft developing a 'smart' bra

Cyber attack/hacking news
▪ CNN: 2 million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter passwords stolen in massive hack

NSA news
▪ NPR: NSA collecting 5B cellphone locations a day, news report says

Housing news
▪ CNN: New-home sales surge 25% in October
▪ NBCNews: Soaring new home sales are not what they seem

Auto purchase news
▪ NBCNews: Auto rates drop, buyers take on record loans

Student loan debt news
▪ CNN: Average student loan debt: $29,400

Bank fine news
▪ CNN: EU fines banks record $2.3B over Libor

Safety news
▪ NBCNews: Warning: Scientists say gas cans carry risk of explosion

Evolution news
▪ NBCNews: 400,000-year-old human DNA adds new tangle to our origin story

Theft news
▪ NBCNews: 'Theft of power' lands electric-car driver in jail

Drone news
▪ FoxNews: Air hogs: Drones secret weapon in hunt for feral pigs

Culture-in-the U.S. news
▪ FoxNews: Mysterious China-themed 'city' proposed in New York's Catskills

Outside-the-U.S. news
▪ NBCNews: Truck carrying 'extremely dangerous' radioactive material stolen in Mexico
▪ NBCNews: Prost! Germany seeks UN protection for historic beer purity law

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 searches
Jacoby Essbury
▪ USAToday: 4 reasons the Yankees will regret the Jacoby Ellsbury deal

Bill Beckwith
▪ CNN: Bill Beckwith, co-host of HGTV's 'Curb Appeal,' killed in crash

Trending now on Twitter
▪ Martin Bashir
▪ #ARCParty
▪ #ObamasTwelveDaysOfChristmas
▪ #HealthyHolidays
▪ Gal Gadot
▪ #YankeesSignNext
▪ #wcw
▪ The Murder ComplexLewis Holtby

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