Monday, December 16, 2013

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Today's headlines
Mall carjacking fatality
NBCNews: Hoboken lawyer shopping with wife killed in carjacking at upscale New Jersey mall: Prosecutors

New Homeland Security secretary
FoxNews: Pengaton lawyer (Jeh C. Johnson) confirmed as Homeland Security secretary

Edward Snowden
USAToday: Snowden says ruling vindicates leak of NSA files

Antibacterial soaps
NBCNews: Prove those antibacterial soaps are better and safe, FDA tells manufacturers
NPR: FDA asks for proof that antibacterial soaps protect health

Vitamins news
CNN: Are multivitamins a waste of money? Editorial in medical journal says yes

CTE/Concussion news
FoxNews: Family says late MLB player Ryan Freel had chronic traumatic enchalopathy

Good Samaritan fatality news
CNN: Indiana groom  dies in road accident hours after wedding

Charity scam news
CNN: Man who bilked millions in Navy charity scam gest 28 years
NPR: Man who bilked millions from Navy charity donors gets 28 years

Fraternity deaths
CNN: Pi Delta Psi pledge died of head injuries in fraternity ritual, coroner says

Sonar news
FoxNews: Environmental groups sue over Navy sonar plans

World-of-work news
NBCNews: It pays to be pretty, starting in high school, research says
NBCNews: Climate change expert's fraud was 'crime of massive proportion,' say feds

Liger news
NBCNews: Children celebrate holiday season with a pair of liger cubs

NBCNews: Google buys major military robot maker: Why does search giant want to be 'Big Dog' of automation?

Neanderthal news
NBCNews: Grave suggests Neatherthals intentionally buried their dead

Meteor news
NBCNews: Views of stunning Geminid meteor shower wow skywatchers

Space race news
NBCNews: Monkey launched into space returns home, Iran officials say

Animal abuse news
CBSNews: Global brands ban angora wool after PETA investigation

Outside-the-U.S. news
NBCNews: French public panel recommends legalizing euthanasia
NPR: Poland, Lithuania, nervous over reports of Russian missiles

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 1M searches
Dylan Sprouse
USAToday: Former Disney star Dylan Sprouse responds to nude pics

Peter O'Toole
NYTimes: Peter O'Toole, star of 'Lawrence of Arabia,' is dead at 81

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 500,000 but <1M searches
Dallas Cowboys
WashPost: Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys epitomize NFC East mess

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 but <500,000 searches
NYT: Shock but no awe in 'Homeland' season's end

Newsday: WWE TLC: Randy Orton beats John Cena, wins unified title

Joan Fontaine
NYT: Joan Fontaine, who won Oscar for Hitchcock's 'Suspicion,' dies at 96

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 but <100,000 searches
Tom Laughlin
USAToday: 'Billy Jack' star Tom Laughlin dies

MercuryNews: 'Survivor: Blood v. Water' crowns a sole survivor

Chicago Bears
ESPN: Jay Cutler shakes off early rust, leads Bears to victory

Ray Price
CNN: Nashville pioneer Ray Price dead at 87

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