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2013 in review
NBCNews: Don't tell customers they're fat: 2013's biggest corporate goofs     -- Apple's iPhone Apple Maps: Several incidences of users following Siri's directions onto an active runway at the airport in Fairbanks, Alaska
   -- Walmart's holding a Thanksgiving food drive for its employees, shortly after protests demanding an annual salary of at least $25,000 for full-time employees
   -- ATT&T issues apology after an ad showing a smartphone displaying the 9/11 memorial
   -- Papa John's agrees to pay $16.5M for violating Telephone Consumer Protection Act and blasting unwanted advertising texts to customers
   -- Coca-Cola apologizes for Canadian bottle-cap message: 'You retard'
   -- Lululemon recalls sheer yoga pants; chairman resigns after saying some women's bodies don't work for their pants
   --McDonalds responds to concerns about low wages by publishing a helpful financial advisory McGuide for employees
   -- The cruise ship industry: Carnival's Triumph fire strands more than 4,000 passengers on board with non-functioning utilities
   -- Abercrombie & Fitch defends XL/XXL exclusionary policy
   -- Target's plus-size color: Manatee Gray
   -- JPMorgan Twitter account intends chat with exec but gets bombarded with slams
NBCNews: 11 breakout hits of the fall season: Sleepy Hollow, Orange is the New Black, death plot twists, choreography, machine guns, the '80s, Masters of Sex, Scandal, American Horror Story, live shows

NPR: For BP cleanup 2013 meant 4.6 million pounds of Gulf Coast oil
Weather news
NBCNews: Heading home for Christmas? Holiday travelers face Mother Nature's wrath

Day length news
USAToday: Saturday is the solstice, the longest night of the year
Thwarted news
FoxNews: Police say they thwarted shooting plot at Colorado school

What-were-they-thinking news/irony news
USAToday: PR director's (Justine Sacco) racist tweet sparks online outcry

Wind farm news
FoxNews: After heated, marathon meeting, Colorado town OKs 37,000-acre wind farm

Underground mystery news
NBCNews: What's stopping Bertha? Seattle debates mysterious object obstructing tunnel machine
Military hazing news
NBCNews: Female sailors forced to march with buckets of human waste, Navy says
South Sudan
CNN: 4 U.S. troops hurt in South Sudan gunfire
N.J. Mall carjacking
CNN: 4 arrested in carjacking and shooting death outside upscale N.J. mall
FoxNews: Police identify four suspects charged in deadly New Jersey mall carjacking
Space station news
CNN: Astronauts perform ISS repairs during spacewalks
USAToday: NASA astronauts begin urgent space station repairs
Supercar news
NBCNews: Supercar war: Lamborghini's 202mph Huracan blows in
Gay marriage news
NPR: Federal court strikes down Utah's gay marriage ban
Animal protection news
FoxNews: Critics push back against federal protection for bird in rural West

Obituaries in the news
CNN: 'It's Kind of  a Funny Story' author Ned Vizzini dies at 32

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Justine Sacco

Ned Vizzini: See obituaries above

Alex and Sierra (TV characters, or so thinks the bird without Googling to find out for sure)

50,000+ searches
Dhoom 3

Winter Solstice

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Ned Vizzini

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Justine Sacco
Winter Solstice

At least 100,000 but <200,000
Ned Vizzini
Alex and Sierra

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