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Today's headlines

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2013  in review
CNN: 50 best Android apps for 2013
NBCNews: Lorde, George and ... Kimye? Most notable baby names of 2013
USAToday: Passages 2013: Remembering those we lost

2014 exercise advice (New-use-of-word alert: 'fail as none' first heard in 2013 by the bird)
NBCNews: Fitness fails: Workouts you need to stop doing in 2014

2014 auto industry preview
NBCNews: Auto industry accelerating  into the new year

First-time new-word news (earworm)
NBCNews: Love 'em or leave 'em? Five earworms we couldn't shake in 2013 (Daft Punk, 'Get Lucky;' Miley Cyrus 'We Can't Stop;' Lorde, 'Royals;' Robin Thicke, 'Blurred Lines;' Katy Perry, 'Roar')

Further-back retrospective
CNN: From 2013 to 1963: Looking back  at a pivotal year (1963: Assassination of JFK, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,'s 'I Have a Dream' speech, civil rights, Beatlemania)

Christmas 2013 news
NBCNews: Ohio woman stabs sister during Christmas fight over apple fritters
FoxNews: UPS, Amazon to reportedly offer refunds after Christmas delivery delays

Power outage news
NBCNews: Mired in ice: Winter weather keeping power out for many

Unusual perspective news
NBCNews: From online hacks to plastic fakes: The strange life of a stolen credit card

Stranded ship news
CNN: Chinese ice breaker stalls but in sight of stranded ship
NBCNews: Icebergs, blizzards and a creaking ship: Antarctic explorers' tense wait for the rescue
FoxNews: Icebreakers racing to rescue ship trapped in ice near Antarctica

Politically-incorrect-headline news
CNN: A white mayor for 'the chocolate city?'

Air travel news
CNN: Delta glitch causes ultra-law fares

Economy news
CNN: Many Americans feel economy isn't improving
CBSNews: Extended unemployment benefits to end; 1.3M Americans to be affected
USAToday: Cutoff in federal jobless aid looms Saturday

U.S. military base news
CNN: U.S. base on Japan's Okinawa will be allowed to move after 17-year- deadlock
NPR: Okinawa governor OKs plan to relocate U.S. base

Societal unrest news
NBCNews: At least 148 arrested in crackdown on Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood

Terrorism news
CNN: Lebanon's Mohamad Chatah -- U.S. friend, Hezbollah foe -- killed in blast
NBCNews: Ex-ambassador to US killed in Lebanon bomb blast; four others slain
NBCNews: American among three killed in Kabul suicide bomb attack

Fish attack news
CNN: 70 people injured in Argentine fish attack
NBCNews: 70 people bitten by piranha-like fish while bathing off Argentine beach

Bald eagle news
NBCNews: Disease suspected in Utah die-off of bald eagles

Knock-out attack news
NBCNews: 'Knockout' attack: Suspect charged with federal hate crimes

Knee surgery news
CNN: You may not be better off after knee surgery

Priest scandal news
CNN: Philadelphia priest to be released from prison after appeals court reversal

Gun violence news
NBCNews: Cops: 4 dead, including suspect's wife and ex-mother-in-law, in Louisiana shootings
ABCNews: Door-to-door shooting rampage leaves 4 dead

Cave-diving fatality news
NBCNews: Father, son drown while attempting challenging cave dive in Florida

Bus-crash follow-up news
NBCNews: Feds shut down 5 more 'unsafe' tour bus companies

Cross-cultural comparative news
NBCNews: China's economy won't eclipse America's until 2028, study says

Gender-at-work news
NPR: Marines: Most female recruits don't meet new pullup standard

Other planet news
NBCNews: An alien planet may lurk around nearby failed stars

Brain science (optogenics) news/cool news
NPR: Experimental tool uses light to tweak the living brain

Corrupt science news
FoxNews: Professor reportedly admits faking AIDS vaccine to get grant money

Fracking news
FoxNews: Fracktivists weep: Fracking saves water and prevents droughts, says study

Strange-way-to-die news
NBCNews: Python strangles security guard at luxury hotel in Bali, Indonesia

Election 2016 news
FoxNews: Fox News Poll: Clinton, Christie on top in 2016 preference test

Salvation Army kettle news
FoxNews: Widow who dropped wedding ring into Salvation Army kettle identified

Hero news
ABCNews: Man fistfights crocodile to save child

Out-of-the-ordinary sports news
CNN: Jon Kitna: From high school math teacher to Dallas Cowboys quarterback
FoxNews: 60-year-old woman (in China) gives birth to twin girls

Obituaries in the news
NBCNews: Paul Blair: 1944-2013

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,00 searches
Adore You Miley Cyrus

Delta Airlines
See 'Air travel' above


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Nnamdi Asomugha
Utah State
New Years

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