Sunday, December 22, 2013

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Today's headlines
NCNN: 3 dead as unusual weather mix sweeps nation, threatens holiday travelers
NBCNews: Huge and sloppy strorm system snarls holiday travel
NPR: Huge storm may mean snow and ice for holiday travelers
ABCNews: 95K without power in Northeast due to ice storm
USAToday: 'Big, crazy storm of constrasts' rips South, Northeast

Iceland elf news
ABCNews: Iceland's hidden elves delay road projects

Target credit card breach
NPR: JP Morgan Chase places limits on cards used at Target stores

Immigration reform
FoxNews: Obama, top Dems now appear to be pushing for comprehensive immigration reform

School shooting news
CNN: Colorado high school shooting victim dies at hospital
NBCNews: Colorado high school shooting victim Claire Davis dies

Carjacking news
NBCNews: Police search for carjacker involved in crash that killed 11-year-old boy

NSA/Spying news
NPR: New NSA documents make case for keeping surveillance programs secret

Spacewalk news
FoxNews: Space suit issues leads to delay of second spacewalk

Building-collapse follow-up news
ABCNews: Bangladesh factory owners charged in deadly fire

Lung transplant/Sarah Murnaghan follow-up
NBCNews: After lung transplant that changed the rules, Sarah is doing fine

Counterfeit/knockoff news
CBSNews: Counterfeit wine: A vintage crime

NBCNews: Dozens of police officers ousted as corruption scandal roils Turkey's elite

NBCNews: Protesters swarm in Thai capital to demand PM resign

China-buys-the-world news
NBCNews: Hotel magnate and wine entrepreneur feared dead in crash after chateau sale

NBCNews: Militants kill at least 18 officers and soldiers at attacks grow in Iraq

NPR: Freed Russian oil tycoon says he'll work for release of prisoners

ABCNews: Recession-hit Spain holds huge Christmas lottery

Tablet app news (technology)
USAToday: 10 great apps for a new tablet (Facebook, Flipboard, Skype, Dropbox, Netflix, Pandora, Snapseed, Candy Crush Saga, Weather Channel)

Trending now on Google
200,000+ searches
Gabrielle Union
FoxNews: Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade are engaged

100,000+ searches
Justin Timberlake
USMagazine: Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Fallon reunite on SNL

Lord Infamous
HuffPost: Ricky 'Lord Infamous' Dunigan dead: Three 6 Mafia founding member dies at 40

Claire Davis
See 'school shootings above'

20,000+ searches
Consumers Energy
FlintJournal: More than 20,000 customers without power in Genesee County, according to Consumers Energy (See 'weather' above)

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Watch Hot Girls
Christmas is in 4
Kate McKinnon
Professor Snape

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At least 200,000 searches
Gabrielle Union

At least 100,000 but <200,000
Lord Infamous

Claire Davis

Cracker Barrel

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