Friday, March 29, 2013

Trending: Friday, March, 29, 2013

▪  Wired: Here's the `very anonymous' building Facebook demanded from a starchitect
▪  CNNMoney: Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg faced $1 billion tax bill
▪  ThoughtCatalog: Here are the top Facebook trends for 2012
▪  Techcrunch: Facebook to reveal `Home on Android' sources say is a modified OS on HTC at 4/4 event

Good Friday
▪  NPR: The Good Friday 5: Musical passion stories you must hear
▪  DailyMail: Baked on Good Friday in 1921: Britain's oldest hot-cross bun has been passed down through five generations
▪  NOLA: Good Friday celebrations and NOLA Bunarchy roll out the  weekend's Easter celebrations

North Korea
▪  NBCNews: North Korea puts rockets on standby as US official warns regime is no `paper tiger'
▪  NewYorkTimes: North Korea orders missile readiness. state media reports
▪  CNN: Why North Korea regime is scary
▪  CNN: Will China finally `bite' North Korea
▪  CIAWorldFactbook: North Korea
▪  CNN: South Korea unfaced: Threats of annihilation normal

Monsanto protection act
▪  Aljazeera: Anger over `The Monsanto protection act'
▪ Monsanto protection act
▪  MSN: `Monsanto protection act' called `outrageous,' dangerous
▪  Inquisitr: Farmers protest Monsanto Protection Act at White House
▪  CBSNews: Critics slam Obama for `protecting' Monsanto

Maundy Thursday
▪  TheTelegraph: Pope washes feet of young Muslim woman  prisoner in unpredented twist on
▪  Maundy Thursday
▪  BibleGatewayblog: What is Maundy Thursday
▪  BBC: What is Maundy Thursday

Richard Griffiths (Uncle Vernon)
▪  USAToday: `Harry Potter' actor Richard Griffiths dies at 65
▪  Reuters: Harry Potter actor Richard Griffiths dies after surgery
▪  DailyMail: Actor Richard Griffiths aged 65 dies while undergoing heart surgery
▪  GuardianUK: Richard Griffiths, uncle to Withnail and Harry Potter dies aged 65 after complications

Jenna Wolf
▪  HuffPost: `Today' host keeping paternity under wraps
▪  DailyMail: Today's Jenna Wolf reprimanded by NBC bosses for on-air hostility
▪  Twitter: Jenna Wolf on Twitter

Other news
▪  CNN: 7,000 dental patients get urgent warning
▪  CNN: Barbara Walters set to retire
▪  CNN: 7 bodies in chairs near Mexico plaza
▪  YahooNews: Rescued cat steals soldier's heart

Weird news:
▪  CNN: What caused mystery circles on frozen New York Pond
▪  CNN: Sir, you have a cat stuck in your engine

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