Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trending: Sunday, March 17, 2013

Steubenville rape
▪  CNN: Two teens found quilty in Steubenville rape case
▪  LATimes: Steubenville rape: More charges possible with grand jury probe
▪  CBSNews: Trial verdict: Judge find both teens guilty of raping 16-year-old
▪  LATimes: Victim's mother in Steubenville rape case responds after verdict
▪  Forbes: How jock culture morphs into rape

St. Patrick's Day
▪  ABCNews: St. Patrick's Day: Five things you didn't know
  BBCAmerica: It's St. Patrick's Day: Five great Irish songs about Ireland
  The Colombian: St. Patrick's Day Quiz: Do you know your local lore?
  ChicagoTribune: Crowds throng downtown for St. Patrick's day festivities
  NYTimes: Celebrating St. Patrick's Day (Slide show)

▪  USAToday: UFC 158: GSP shuts out Nick Diaz, who teases retirement
  LATimes: UFC 158: Georges St-Pierre defeats Nick Diaz by unamimous decision
  ESPN: Georges St-Pierre pummels Nick Diaz
  FOXSports: UFC 158 fight blog
  UKTelegraph: Nick Diaz fails to deliver donnybrook to dethrone Georges St-Pierre (blog)

Corned Beef and Cabbage
  FoodNetwork: Easy corned beef and cabbage (Paula Deen)
  TheInquistr: Corned beef and cabbage on March 17? Only in America
  The Stir: Corned beef & cabbage crock pot recipe for a delicious & easy St. Patrick's Day meal
  Patch: Simple corned beef and cabbage for the Irish at heart
  CBSLocal: Best of MN: Corned beef & cabbage

Lil Wayne
▪  Lilwaynehq: Lil Wayne taken to intensive care unit after suffering from another seizure
  Courant: Rapper Lil Wayne suffers seizure
  FOX19: Lil Wayne says he's `good' after suffering seizure
  CBSLocal: Rapper Lil Wayne says he's `good' amid near death reports
  EURWeb: Report: Lil Wayne suffers more seizures, in critical condition

Galaxy S4
▪  TheGuardian: Galaxy S4 launch: Samsung pins hopes on eye-tracking in battle with Apple
  TheVerge: The Galaxy SIIIS: How Samsung copies Apple by copying itself
  BusinessInsider: Live blog: Here's everything that happened at Samsung's bizarre Galaxy S4 announcement
  cnbc: Galaxy S4: Who's in trouble? (video)
  cnet: Why you should still consider the Galaxy S3 over the Galaxy S4

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