Saturday, March 23, 2013

Trending: Saturday, March 23, 2013

Amanda Bynes
▪  E!: Source Amanda Bynes' family is concerned for her well-being
▪  DailyBeast: Amanda Bynes asks Drake to murder her vagina and other WTF tweets
▪  FOXNews: Amanda Bynes gets attention for vulgar, strange tweets
▪  NYDailyNews: Amanda Bynes sends Drake raunchy message via Twitter
▪  PerezHilton: Amanda Bynes going Twitter MAD? Listen to Carson Daly & Perez Hilton discuss it on AMP

Olympus Has Fallen
▪  Official site
▪  LATimes: Butler: `Olympus Has Fallen' is really a tale of `redemption'
▪  RottenTomatoes: 51% rotten
▪  TheAtlantic: The vile, false patriotism of `Olympus Has Fallen'
▪  LATimes: `Olympus Has Fallen" is a Die-Hard rehash, reviewers say

My Chemical Romance
▪  USAToday: My Chemical Romance breaks up after 12-year "adventure"
▪  HollywoodReporter: My Chemical Romance breaks up
▪  Reuters: Rockband My Chemical Romance break up after 12 years

Chinua Achebe
▪  CNN: Chinua Achebe, literary icon and author of `Things Fall Apart' dies at 82
▪  BBCNews: Nigerian author Chinua Achebe dies
▪  NPR: Chinua Achebe: Nigerian author of `Things Fall Apart' dies

Miley Cyrus twerk
▪  eonline: Miley Cyrus talks twerking skills, new song with Snoop Dogg
▪  ChicagoNow: Miley Cyrus goes to Twerk
▪  YouTube:Miley Cyrus dance video

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