Saturday, March 16, 2013

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Lil Wayne
▪ CNN: Rapper Lil Wayne suffers seizure
 Mashable: Lil Wayne is either in a coma or enjoying a basketball game
 LilWayne Fansite
 Time: Lil Wayne`recovering' in hospital after seizure

Galaxy S4
CNN: Is Samsung's Galaxy SIV worthy? (video)
CNN: Samsung's sexiest Galaxy SIV event: How not to launch your biggest product ever
Mashable: Samsung's Galaxy SIV is great but no iPhone killer
Forbes: First impressions of Samsung Galaxy S4
CNET: Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

Carnival Cruise
CNN: Will Carnival keep its customers?
USA Today: Carnival Dream cruisers to be glown home after problem
ABCNews: Carnival Dream docked with mechanical issues
LATimes: Not again! Another Carnival cruise ship stalls with 5,600 aboard
FOXNews: New Carnival nightmare: Passengers being flown home from troubled cruise

Kobe Bryant
CNN: Reaction to Kobe saying he was "Jalen Rose'd"
NYTimes: NBA says Kobe Bryant was fouled on play that caused injury
USAToday: Dahntay Jones fouled Kobe Bryant, NBA says
LATimes: Kobe Bryant tells himself to put his big boy pants on

Higgs boson
NYTimes: CERN physicists see Higgs boson in new particle
NBCNews: Particle confirmed as Higgs boson
FOXNews: 6 implications of finding a Higgs boson
CNN: Scientists more certain that particle is Higgs boson
 Reuters: Strong signs Higgs boson has been found

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