Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Trending: Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Published 1:40 p.m. CDT (GMT - 6:00)
(Read what happened on this day last year)
(Of note: Stabbling at Texas College campus was in the news in 2013: Today news includes a stabbing at a Pennslyvania school)

Yesterday's Google trends and today's Twitter (U.S.) trending now at bottom

Today's headlines
What they're leading with
NBCNews: School stabbing spree: 20 hurt in Pittsburgh-area bloodbath
NPR: Lost Malaysian plane could land in cultural lore
FoxNews: 20 wounded in multiple stabbings at Pennsylvania high school
ABCNews: Latest headline: Franklin Regional High School stabbing suspect in 'normal kid:' student says
CBSNews: Multiple people stabbed at western Pennsylvania high school
USAToday: 'Shy' student arrested in mass stabbing at Pa. school

Missing jet
USAToday: Official: Plane may be found in matter of days

Recall news
CNN: Toyota recalls 6.4 million cars worldwide

Military base shootings
NPR: Marine guard shot to death by colleague at N.C. base

Nutrition in the news
CBSNews: Junk food makes you lazy, not just fat, study suggests

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 1M searches
Ultimate warrior
CNN: Former WWE star Ultimate Warrior dies

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 but <1M searches
Greninja (It's a Pokemon character)

NCAA basketball scores
ESPN: Connecticut goes 40-0, wins title

Kim Kardashian

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 but <200,000 searches
CNN: Heartbleed bug: What you need to know

Tom Ford
NYDN: Tim Ford weds partner of 27 years

Vance McCallister
HuffPost: Married GOP Rep. caught kissing staffer in surveillance video

Outside Lands 2014
USAToday: Outside Lands announces 2014 lineup

Trending now on Twitter (U.S.)
Brandon Spikes
Taylor Caniff
Gus Johnson

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