Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Trending: Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Published 2:55 p.m. CDT (GMT - 6:00)

Yesterday's Google trends and today's Twitter (U.S.) trending now at bottom

Today's headline
What they're leading with
NBCNews: McCain floats independent probe of CIA spying charge
NPR: Missing jet was way off course, Malaysian air force gen. says
FoxNews: Big guns: Army soldiers to get powerful new Swedish-made tank-stopper
ABCNews: Latest headlines: CIA chief: Not ruling out terrorism in Malaysia Airlines tragedy
CBSNews: Malaysia Airlines mystery: Military says missing jet changes course
USAToday: Reports: Missing jet flew hundreds of miles off course

Obamacare news
NPR: Obama goes between the ferns to talk with Zach Galifinakis

BleacherReport: Dallas Seavey wins second career Iditarod championship
NBCNews: Son unseats dad to win Alaska's Iditarod dog sled race

Wrong predictions news
CNN: 5 predictions for the Web that were WAY off

Asteroid threat news
NPR: NASA offers $35,000 for help in tracking asteroids (crowdsourcing)

Marijuana news
CNN: Medial marijuana and 'the entourage effect'

Recall news
FoxNews: Congress to launch probe into General Motors recall

Space station news
NBCNews: Olympic space station crew returns to Earth

Cruise ship news
FoxNews: Passengers suing Carnival over crippled cruise seek $5,000 a month for life

Didn't-hear-it-ring news
NPR: 'Ringing' phones do not mean Malaysian passengers are OK

Owl news
NPR: Trapping and tracking the mysterious snowy owl

Bacteria news
NPR: Turning food waste into fuel takes gumption and trillions of bacteria

Cheese news
ABCNews: Europe wants its Parmesan back, seeks name change (branding)

FoxNews: 2-year-old boy saves mom using FaceTime app

Mega-church news
FoxNews: Joel Osteen's church robbed of $600G in cash, checks

Home defense news
FoxNews: Detroit man, 82, attacks home invasion suspect with hammer

Abuse of power/privilege news
USAToday: Ex-D.C. teacher sentenced to 25 years for child porn

Retirement news
USAToday: Retirement living: Biggest retirement regrets

It's-not-fiction news
NBCNews: Driver stung 1,000 times by bees recovering
FoxNews: Jurors award nearly half-million dollars to handyman who slayed 7 at suburban restaurant
CBSNews: LED bulb delivers data through light, instead of Wi-Fi

Obituaries in the news
NPR: Book news: 'Fatal Vision' author Joe McGinniss dies

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 1M searches
Juan Pablo
TIME: RECAP: The Bachelor watch: Juan Pablo makes his pick, and it's okay

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 but <1M searches
USAToday: 'Titanfall' video game lands right on time for Xbox One

Rich Peverly
USAToday: Rich Peverly collapses on Stars' bench

CBSNews: Flurry of earthquakes on anniversary of 9.0 2011 Kobe earthquake

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 but <200,000 searches
iOS 7.1
TheVerge: Apple releases iOS 7.1 with reboot fix, UI tweaks, and CarPlay

Malaysia plane
See 'What they're leading with' above

Amber alert
LATimes: 12-year-old boy found in Oceanside, Amber Alert called off

Dicks Sporting Goods (reason for popularity on this day unknown)

Adam Lanza
See Trendilla from yesterday (Monday, March 10, 2014)

Trending now on Twitter (U.S.)
Between Two Ferns
Owen Daniels

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