Thursday, March 13, 2014

Trending: Thursday, March 13, 2014

Published 5:02 p.m. CDT (GMT - 6:00)

Yesterday's Google trends and today's Twitter (U.S.) trending now at bottom

Today's headlines
What they're leading with

NBCNews: Senate reaches deal on jobless benefits extension
NPR: Obama: If you 'work, more, you should get paid more'
FoxNews: 'Very upset:' CIA sat on Benghazi investigation, US personnel fuming
ABCNews: Theories take flight over disappearance of Malaysia Airlines jet
CBSNews: Did Malaysian plane fly toward Indian Ocean after last contact?
USAToday: Stocks tumble as Dow drops more than 200 points

HIV News
CNN: CDC: Rare female-to-female HIV transmission

World-of-work news
NPR: Obama: If you 'work, more, you should get paid more'

Amazon Prime news
CNN: Amazon increases price of Prime

Chromebook news
CNN: Microsoft's next big headache: The Google Chromebook

Windows XP news
USAToday: Even it its final days, Windows XP still looms large

Hospital infection news
CBSNews: Hospital warns 4,000 patients of possible HIV, hepatitis exposure
NBCNews: Losing faith: 21 percent say religion 'not that important'

It's-not-fiction news
CNN: Mississippi man who awoke in body bag dies two weeks later (followup)
FoxNews: Connecticut reverend reportedly confesses sin, begs forgiveness, drops dead
FoxNews: Houston dad shoots, kills boy found inside daughter's bedroom
ABCNews: Woman finds lizard head, arm in kale salad

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 500,000 searches
Harlem explosion
CNN: Amid search for missing in NYC blast, loves ones, friends reflect on those killed
NPR: Death toll  from NYC explosion stands at 7, may go higher
CBSNews: Records show destroyed building had installed new gas pipes as search for leak continues

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 but <500,000 searches
KansasCityStar: Chumlee lives! 'Pawn Stars' cast member victim of death hoax

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 but <200,000 searches
Eric Decker
USAToday: Eric Decker, New York Jets agree to 5-year-contract

School closings

Golden Tate
ESPN: Lions, Golden Tate agree on 5 years

Trending now on Twitter (U.S.)
Ted Ginn
Steve Smith

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