Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trending: Sunday, February 16, 2014

Published 11:08 a.m. CDT (GMT - 6:00)

Yesterday's Google trends and today's Twitter (U.S.) at bottom

Today's headlines
What they're leading with
▪ CNN: Dunn convicted of attempted murder; hung jury on murder in 'loud music' trial
▪ NBCNews: More than 200 miners trapped in  South Africa
▪ NPR: Water-skiing on snow: Skijorers aren't just horsing around; 200 trapped in abandoned South African gold mine
▪ FoxNews: ObamaCare patients with serious pre-existing diseases could face expensive drug costs
▪ ABCNews: Carousel: Craigslist murder suspect says she killed 22 others; Hazing death of frat pledge declared a homicide; 8 old-time cures doctors swear by; Latest headline: Michael Dunn trial: Mistrial declared on murder charge in loud music killing case
▪ CBSNews: USA's Bode Miller and Andrew Weibrecht win medals in Olympic super-G
▪ USAToday: Border Patrol faulted for policy on less-lethal force

Trapped miner news
▪ CNN: Six miners freed from South African mine

Avalanche news
▪ CNN: 2 skiers missing, 3 hospitalized after Colorado avalanche

Terrorism news
▪ CNN: Tourist bus explosion in Egypt kills 3, wounds 14
▪ NBCNews: Bomb kills four, injures 14 on Egyptian tour bus from Israel

▪ CNN: Six miners freed from South African mine

Have-versus-have-not news
▪ CNN: Six miners freed from South African mine

Airplane stowaway death news
▪ CNN: Man's body found in landing-gear wheel well of plane at Dulles airport

Compounding pharmacy news
 NBCNews: Fake supplement may endanger kids, FDA warns (L-citrulline, Medisca)

Overdose news
▪ NPR: It's proven to save lives, so why is Maine opposed to Narcan (naloxone)

Climate change news
▪ NPR: Warming Arctic may be causing jet stream to lose its way

Earthquake news
▪ NBCNews: 'Light to moderate' quake rattles South Carolina, Georgia

Cancer research news
 CBSNews: How fruit flies may be key to the fight against cancer 

Pediatric news
▪ NBCNews: The hidden, human cost of 'distressed' babies: NICU parents suffer PTSD symptoms

Lottery news
▪ FoxNews: Father, son a arrested in grisly death of Vietnam veteran

Falling satellite news
▪ FoxNews: Russian reconnaissance satellite to hit Earth Sunday

It's-not-fiction news
▪ CNN: Arizona jailbird escapes to meet his girlfriend for Valentine's Day

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 1M searches
T.J. Oshie
▪ See Trendilla from yesterday (Saturday, February 16, 2014)

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 but 1M searches
Michael Dunn
▪ See above

USA hockey
▪ USAToday: Phil Kessel show gives USA men's hockey team a win, bye

Kickstarter (hacking news)
▪ CNN: Crowd-funding site Kickstarter hacked; CEO urges password changes

Syracuse basketball
▪ Newsday: Syracuse basketball holds off N.C. State in another nail-biter

▪ LATimes: NASCAR's Tony Stewart steers way back from broken leg

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