Monday, February 3, 2014

Trending: Monday, February, 3, 2014

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Today's headlines

What they're leading with
NBCNews: Hoffman found with 50 bags of heroin, addiction meds: sources
NPR: 10 places where health insurance costs the most
Fox News: Sochi officials order stray dogs killed ahead of Olympics
ABCNews: Carousel: Inside Philip Seymour Hofmann's final 24 hours; 'Ted' the boss reacts after Super Bowl 'I quit' ad; Don't fish in the toilet and other Sochi Olympics rules; Latest headline: Escaped killer's getaway car found, schools on lockdown
CBSNews: In Chris Christie scandal, more documents, more questions
USAToday: Status update: 10 years in, Facebook still a force

Super Bowl

NBCSports: Pete Carroll: We really have an eye on what's coming
CBSNews: Should the NFL continue to enjoy non-profit status

Stock market news

CNN: Dow tumbles 300 points on weak data
NBCNews: Dow free-falls over 300 points on poor US factory data
USAToday: Stock pullback pain: Dow drop hovers around 300

Phone scam news

NBCNews: Miss a call? 'One-ring' cell phone scam could cost you money

Digital eyestrain (eye health)

CNN: How to avoid digital eyestrain (blue light/night)

Legalized marijuana news
NBCNews: Pot buyers add more than $1M to Colorado tax coffers

Antibody news

NPR: What's good for baby camels could be good for human skin

Vitamin supplement news

FoxNews: Supplements may have negative impact on endurance training

Dolphin news

FoxNews: More than 400 dead dolphins on north Peru coast in 1 month

Archaeology news

NBCNews: Older than Giza: 4,600-year-old pyramid uncovered in Egypt

(Once) rare animal news

NPR: Can it be? Pigeons, geese and white-tailed deer were once rare

Exercise news

NPR: Most teens aren't active enough, and it's not always their fault

Cancer news

FoxNews: Cancer cases worldwide to jump to 22 million

Abortion news

NPR: Abortions reportedly drop to lowest rate since 1970s

Culture-in-the-U.S. news

NPR: Most teens aren't active enough, and it's not always their fault

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 10M searches

Philip Seymour HoffmanSee headlines above

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 2M but <10M searches
Bruno Mars
USAToday: Did the Super Bowl make a star out of Bruno Mars?

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 1M but <2M searches

Groundhog Day
See Trendilla from yesterday (Sunday, February 2, 2014)

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 500,000 but <100,000 searches
Super Bowl Commercials 2014
NBCNews: Best Super Bowl ads, from 'Puppiest' to "GIFiest'

Puppy Bowl

EWeekly: Puppy Bowl vs. Kitten Bowl vs. Fish Bowl: Which was cutest?

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 but <500,000 searches

Eric Decker
NBCSports: After quiet Super Bowl, Decker could have chance to test market

Anthony Kiedis

HuffPost: Super Bowl 2014: Anthony Kiedis and his abs steal the halftime show

Buffalo Wild Wings
Terry Bradshaw
Newsday: Michael Strahan fills in after death of Terry Bradshaw's father

Joe Namath
NPR: Joe Namath's fur coat: Nothing new, but it's a talker

Renee Fleming

LATimes: Super Bowl LXVIII: Watch Renee Fleming sing 'The Star Spangled Banner'

Maserati Ghibli

BusInsider: No one was expecting that oddly cinematic Maserati commercial


Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 but <200,000 searches
Transformers Age of Extinction
NYDailyNews: Trailer debuts during Super Bowl

Wes Welker

Newsday: Wes Welker falls to 0-3 in Super Bowls

Seth Meyers

NBCNews: Seth Myers exist 'Saturday Night Live'

Tim Tebow

ABCNews: T-Mobile's 'no contract' frees up Tim Tebow

Paul Allen

NBCSports: Paul Allen impressed by Pete Carroll's planning


Forbes: '24: Live Another Day' wins the Super Bowl with its debut teaser

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Super Bowl
Philip Seymour Hoffman

Man City

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