Friday, January 31, 2014

Trending: Friday, January 31, 2014

Published 12:56 a.m. CDT (GMT - 6:00)
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Today's headlines
What they're leading with
▪ NBCNews: Amanda Knox's ex-boyfriend: I wasn't trying to flee
▪ NPR: Air quality worries dampen Chinese New Year fireworks; No breakthrough, but 'bit of common ground' in Syria talks
▪ FoxNews: Blocked party: NFL bars host town from using 'Super Bowl' name
▪ ABCNews: Exclusive: Amanda Knox 'couldn't believe what  was hearing' (No carousel today)
▪ CBSNews: Amanda Knox: 'I will never go willingly' back to Italy
▪ USAToday: Stocks trim big losses; January bad 2014 omen?; Latest headline: Amanda Knox: 'I will never willingly go back'

Pre-Sochi Olympics news

▪ CNN: Americans stay away from expensive Sochi
▪ CBSNews: 2014 Winter Olympics: 10 U.S. athletes to watch (Steven Holcomb, Ashley Wagner, Shani Davis, Hilary Knight, Julia Mancuso, Mikaela Shiffrin, Patrick Kane, Hannah Kearney, Ted Ligety)

Hero news

▪ NPR: Brain surgeon (Zenko Hrynkiw) walks 6 miles through storm to save patient

House fire tragedy

▪ FoxNews: 9 killed in Kentucky fire remembered as loving family

Super Bowl Ads

▪ NBCNews: How the internet made Super Bowl ads weird

Hacking news

▪ NPR: Yahoo says email accounts were hacked but not how many

Stock market news

▪ NBCNews: Stocks cut steep losses, but still slide on global concerns

TSA news

▪ CNN: TSA loosens rules on international alcohol

Aviation news

CNN: Group files to bring back Eastern Air Lines

Cruise ship news

▪ CNN: CDC: Stomach bug strikes second cruise ship (Princess Cruise's Caribbean Princess)
▪ NBCNews: Illness cuts short another cruise vacation (Clever headline: Virus of the Caribbean: Another cruise cut short)

North Korea

▪ USAToday: N. Korean official: How Kim's uncle really died (shot to death)

Whose rights news (boundary/levels of analysis)
▪ NBCNews: Bathroom ban violated transgender student's rights: court

In-the-line-of-duty fatality news

▪ CNN: Deputy, a 'good man,' shot dead in Utah after stopping to aid a 'disabled' car
▪ FoxNews: Pittsburgh orders flags half-staffed for canine credited with saving handler

Youth sports

▪ NBCNews: Poll: Forty percent would steer kids away from football

Animal news

▪ NBCNews: World's oldest known flamingo (Greater) dies aged 83 (longevity)
▪ NBCNews: Popular snowy owl recovering after being hit by bus in downtown DC

Heist news

▪ NBCNews: Cartier heist: Thieves steal $700,000 worth of watches from high-end jeweler

Drone news

▪ NPR: Beer drone can buzz the skies no more, FAA says

Facebook news

▪ NBCNews: Zuckerberg makes $3B in one day as Facebook stock surges

Water/drought news

▪ CBSNews: Lake Mead is shrinking -- and with it Las Vegas' water supply
▪ NBCNews: Parched from drought, California's reservoirs nearly empty


▪ CNN: Body parts found in garbage bags along snowy Michigan roads
▪ NPR: WATCH: Skydivers save unconscious comrade in mid-air rescue  
▪ USAToday: Ex-teacher lives modest life, leaves $8.4 million gift

Child neglect news

▪ USAToday: Police: Girls left in car as mom gets makeup done (mug shot news)

World-of-work news
▪ CBSNews: Should you be paid for a snow day (levels of analysis/boundary)

Culture-in-the-U.S. news
▪ NBCNews: How the internet made Super Bowl ads weird
▪ NBCNews: Poll: Forty percent would steer kids away from football

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 1M searches

Amanda Knox
▪ See headlines above

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 but <1M searches
Chinese New Year 2014
▪ LATimes: Chinese New Year 2014: 12 recipes to celebrate the Lunar New Year

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 but <200,000 searches
Justin Bieber deported
▪ CNN: 'Deport Justin Bieber' petition reaches 100,000+ signatures

Scarlett Johansson

▪ WashPost: SodaStream, Scarlett Johansson and a rift with Oxfam

Satya Nadella

▪ BusinessWeek: What will Microsoft be like if Satya Nadella becomes CEO?

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▪ Zach Parise
▪ The Social Network

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