Sunday, November 24, 2013

Trending: Sunday, November 24, 2013

Published 9:57 a.m. CDT (GMT - 6:00)

Yesterday's Google trends and today's U.S. Twitter trends at bottom

Today's headlines
U.S.-Iran nuclear deal
CNN: 3-decade gridlock broken: The nuclear deal with Iran in Geneva
NBCNews: 'Historic mistake:' Israelis, Republicans condemn Iran nuclear deal
NPR: Deal reached to limit Iran's nuclear program
FoxNews: US, Iran nuclear deal spurs bipartisan concern in Congress
USAToday: Analysis: Iran nuclear deal needs hard look

CNN: More than 11,000 Syrian children killed in civil war, report says

Knockout game
CNN: Terrifying 'knockout' game assaults spread

Weather news
NBCNews: Unrelenting winter storm system proving deadly in West
USAToday: Killer winter storm sweeps East

Wildfire news
NBCNews: Firefighters battle unusual winter wildfire in Northern California

Volcano news
FoxNews: Indonesia raises volcano alert level to highest

Lottery news
NBCNews: Long Island store owners cheated customer out of $1 million lottery ticket, police say

Leprosy news
ABCNews: Korean ex-leprosy patients return to island colony

Culture-in-the-U.S. news
CBSNews: Food fight: Marketing healthy snacks like junk food
USAToday: Thanksgiving: A time to celebrate family dysfunction

Outside-the-U.S. news
NBCNews: Cuba builds communism-free zone to woo capitalist businesses
NPR: Amid crime and proverty, Hondurans elect a president today
USAToday: China riles Japan, U.S. with air defense zone

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 500,000 searches
Pacquiao vs Rios
BleacherReport: Pacquiao vs. Rios results: Pac-Man defeats Bam Bam via unanimous decision

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 but <500,000 searches
Day of the Doctor
EWeekly: 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary spectacular: Talk  about 'Day of the Doctor' here!

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 but <200,000 searches
1D Day (It's about a musical group called 'One Direction')

HAIM Haim: Days are Gone

Trending now on Twitter
Black Friday

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