Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trending: Thursday, October 17, 2013

Published 3:51 p.m. CDT (GMT - 5:00)

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Today's headlines
Government shutdown over
CNN: Why is this man smiling? 15 winners and losers from the shutdown crisis
NBCNews: Obama says shutdown caused 'completely unnecessary damage' to economy
NPR: Economists fear 'flying blind' without government data

Homeland security news
NBCNews: Former top Pentagon lawyer is Obama pick for DHS
FoxNews: San Francicso's Union Square evacuated after suspicious package found

USAToday: Tech experts: Health exchange site needs total overhaul

School bus hijacking
CNN: Police: Knife-wielding man arrested, children OK after Arkansas bus hijacking

Facebook news
CNN: Facebook changes privacy settings for teens

Sleep research news
NBCNews: A good night's sleep scrubs your brain clean, researchers find

Evolution news
NBCNews: Did the human family tree just get simpler? Skull stirs up debate

Drone news
NBCNews: US has killed more cilivians with drones than it admits, says UN

Astromony news
NBCNews: Biggest star ever found in universe is ripping apart

Pollution news
NBCNews: WHO agency: Air pollution causes cancer

Psychology news
NBCNews: Eye contact makes you less likely to win an argument, probably because it's creepy

Outside-the-U.S. news
NBCNews: Beijing introduces new rules to curb car use on bad pollution days

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 500,000 searches
Government shutdown
See Trendilla from yesterday (Wednesday, October 16, 2013)

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 but <500,000 searches
Bosses Day
NYDailyNews: National Boss Day gives workers chance to show appreciation for hard-working supervisors

Cory Booker
NPR: Four things to know about Cory Booker's election

Ted Cruz
USAToday: Houston newspaper says it didn't 'un-endorse' Ted Cruz

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