Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trending: Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Published 5:36 p.m. CDT (GMT - 5:00)

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Today's headlines
Failed Air Force nuke test
FoxNews: Air Force nuclear missile unit fails key security test, in latest setback

Fan injury news
CNN: Man dies after 65-foot-fall at Turner Field during Braves-Phillies game

Health  news
CNN: Boy infected with rare brain-eating amoeba in Florida

CNN: India rape: Police hunt attacker of 7-year-old

Smartphone news
CNN: Smartphone 'successfully produced' in North Korea, says North Korea

Aviation news
NBCNews: Passenger gives birth on Royal Air Maroc flight

Lottery news
Sandy victims among the 'Ocean's 16' Powerball winners
USAToday: 'Ocean's 16' claim share of $448 Powerball jackpot

Culture-in-the-U.S. news
NBCNews: New study on 'hooking up' finds no sexual sea change
NBCNews: Shopping in a 'loop on loneliness,' study finds

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 1M searches
Kendrick Lamar
LATimes: Kendrick Lamar blasts other rappers, crowns himself  'King of New York'

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 but less than 1M searches
See Trendilla from yesterday (Monday, August 13, 2013)

Lady Gaga applause
TheGuardian: Lady Gaga Applause single released early after fans fail to plug leaks

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 but <200,000 searches
Whitey Bulger
See Trendilla from yesterday (Monday, August 13, 2013)

Hunter Hayes
Official site

Luke Bryan
ABCNews: Luke Bryan releases album amid high expectations

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