Sunday, June 2, 2013

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Today's headlines
CNN: Turkey protesters hold Istanbul square after days of violent clashes
 NBCNews: Tear gas, pepper spray fired at youths as hundreds riot in Turkey
 CBSNews: Turkish prime minister Recep Prime Tayyip Erdogan rejects 'dictator' charge

Jean Stapleton dies
 CNN: Actress Jean Stapleton, known as Edith Bunker as 'All in the Family' dies
 CBSNews: Jean Stapleton, 'All in the Family' actress, dies at 90

More Oklahoma tornadoes
 USAToday: (Ad first) Storm chasers' deaths raise questions about practice
 NBCNews: At least 13 dead after rain, twisters lash mid-US; storms head east
 CNN: Storm chasers, TV personalities among Oklahoma fatalities
 NPR: After two violent days, protesters in Turkey return to Taksim Square
 CBSNews: Violent storm system leaves 13 dead in Midwest in its wake

Powerball news
 CNN: Florida city still wondering: Who won the $590 million jackpot
 FoxNews: Where in the world is $590M Powerball lottery winner?

IRS news
 CNN: IRS troubles continue with pricey dance training video
 FoxNews: Top House Republican: Holder being investigated for Hill testimony

Workplace news
 NPR: If employment game has changed, who's teaching the rules?
 USAToday: Will U.S. workers ever be able to retire?

Cyberwarfare news
 CBSNews: Report: China, U.S. to meet regularly over hacking issues

Aviation news
 ABCNews: Report: Problem found in 787 jet, no safety risk

 USAToday: California wildfire chases thousands from  homes
 NBCNews: Powerhouse fire jumps to 19,500 acres, burns 5 structures; 3 firefighters injured
 NRP: Wildfires force evacuations in California, New Mexico

 ABCNews: MERS coronavirus: Tracking the outbreak; 3 more have died

Health news
FoxNews: Vinegar cancer test saves lives, India study finds

Culture-in-the U.S. news
 ABCNews: National Bubba Day: 10 Famous Bubbas
 NPR: Bike-sharing programs roll into cities across the U.S.
 CNN: Fans air concerns about new PlayStation, Xbox
 CNN: We're all No. 1! Is 21 valedictorians too many?
 NPR: France sells presidential wines to update palace wine cellar
 CNN: At last, Los Angeles River opens to public recreation after 80 years

Outside-the-U.S. news
 ABCNews: Quakes kills 2 in Taiwan, injure 33 in Philippines
 FoxNews: Hundreds of journalists attacked in Egypt since revolution, study finds
 NPR: U.S. tourists become Israeli commandos for a day
 NPR: Greece has a PR problem. Can it be fixed?
 NBCNews: Deadly floods, landslides thrash Austria
 NBCNews: A nuclear arsenal but trouble turning on the lights? Pakistan struggles with power crisis
 NBCNews: Russian smokers bemoan 'doomed country' as ban kicks in
 NBCNews: Israel grapples with wave of north African migrants

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 500,000 searches
Miami Heat
 CNN: Have the Miami Heat really turned into LeBron James' Cleveland Cavaliers?

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 200,000 searches but <500,000
Jean Stapleton
 See 'Today's Headlines' at top

Yesterday's Google trends with at least 100,000 searches but <200,000
 USAToday: Blackhawks rally past Kings to win Game 1

Grant Hill
 ESPN: Grant Hill announces retirement

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